English as a Second Language Minor

The ESL minor consists of eighteen hours of course work, including a formal field experience in teaching and courses in second language acquisition, applied linguistics, second/foreign language methodology, literacy strategies, and school partnerships. The ESL Minor is certified by the Utah State Board of Public Education and also exceeds the requirements of the Core Certificate Program of the International Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.  The ESL minor will prepare you for teaching positions focusing on ESL/EFL in Utah public schools, as well as for international schools and other language programs abroad. Teaching English to students from many cultural and international backgrounds makes for an exciting and meaningful career and can be combined with the teaching of any subject area.

Grade Requirements:
A GPA of 3.0 or better in courses used toward the minor in addition to an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
Credit Hour Requirements:
18 credit hours required. The number listed in parentheses after each course is the number of credit hours.
Required Courses:
EDUC 4250 (MED 6250) Second Language Acquisition: Theories & Implementation (3)
EDUC 4270 (MED 6270) Literacy Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners (3)
EDUC 4740 Building School Partnerships with ESL/Bilingual Families (1)
EDUC 5770 Field Experience in ESL/Bilingual Education (2)
ENGL 4410* (MENG 6410) Strategies & Methodology of Teaching ESL (3)
ENGL 4420 (MENG 6420) English Phonology & Syntax for ESL Teachers (3)
ENGL 4450 (MENG 6450) ESL/Bilingual Assessment: Theory, Methods, & Practices (3)
*FL 4400 Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language may be substituted for ENGL 4410
Endorsement programs are also offered through the graduate program as electives.