Classrooms and Teaching Supplies

Faculty who are teaching at the WSU-Ogden or WSU-Davis campus should check with their specific departments to determine where they will be teaching their classes and to determine what instructional materials are available to them.

Faculty who are teaching in local high schools may receive room assignments and materials  from their academic departments or from Continuing Education.  Faculty who teach WSU classes in high schools are guests in these facilities and should respect, and expect WSU students to respect, these facilities.  Faculty should leave their assigned high school classrooms in the same or better condition as they were found; clean the area of papers, do not allow food or drink, do not use teachers’ personal property, etc.  Faculty should not utilize any existing supplies from the classroom; if items such as markers, chalk and erasers, etc., are needed, WSU will furnish them.  Please contact the academic department or Continuing Education office ahead of time for supplies, including copying and audiovisual equipment, and make  arrangements for their distribution.