Training Videos

Our department provides safety related videos that are available to be lent out to departments on campus. As with all of our services, we do not lend this videos to individuals, groups, or businesses that are not a part of the University.

Contact EH&S at (801) 626-7547, or come to our office in Facilities Management at 3700 Skyline Parkway in Ogden, Utah.

EH&S Lending Library
Updated October 23, 2000
Category Video Source Time
  42 CFR 84 Compliance Video Willson Safety  
  49 CFR 382 Overview DOT AMS Distributers, Inc 15:00
  Comprehensive Mgmt of Compressed Gases Earth Resources Corp, 1996  
  Defensive Driving Program 1998 State of Utah 20:00
  Pro-Tect Medical Products: A Better Way   14:05
  Train-theTrainer Kevin Miller- BYU 2 hrs
Biological Biological Materials Management Telecon-5/92 Utah Campus Safety Assoc.  
Biological Bloodborne Pathogen Standard (2 copies) American Medical Association  
Biological Bloodborne Pathogens P.O.S.T. Tel-Ed Training  
Biological Bloodborne Pathogens Slide Set (60 slides) National Safety Council  
Biological Bloodborne Pathogens: The Human Factor Coastal Health Care 20:00
Biological Bloodborne Pathogens Worker Awareness Summit Training Source, Inc. 12:00
Biological Controlling Your Risks: HIV in the Research Laboratory Howard Hughes Medical Institute 28:00
Biological Double-Edged Sword, The National Audiovisual Center 23:33
Biological Help Protect Yourself Against Hepatitis B Merck & Co., Inc. 19:08
Biological Preventing Hepatitis B: The Vaccination Decision (7 copies) WSU-1992 14:08
Biological Tuberculosis-1996 OSHA Directives-Healthcare Long Island Productions 22:00
Biological Tuberculosis-1996 OSHA Directives-Institutional Long Island Productions 21:00
Biological Tuberculosis-1996 OSHA Directives-Emergency Long Island Productions 18:30
Biological Universal Precautions Long Island Productions 5:00
Emergency Basic First Aid, Ladder Safety BITE Safety Watch 5:43
Emergency CERT: Cribbing   17:00
Emergency CERT: Critical Incident Stress University of Maryland 24:00
Emergency CERT: Northridge Quake (2 COPIES)   22:30
Emergency CERT: The Motion Picture   20:00
Emergency Disaster Psychology/Victim Response University of Maryland 30:00
Emergency Emergency: First Aid Videotapes 1 & 2 Chesterbrook Safety Corporation-1989  
Emergency Emergency Response Howard Hughes Medical Institute 12:00
Emergency First Aid/CPR National Safety Council (2-video set) 71:00
Fire Fire Extinguishers: Fight or Flight? NFPA 16:30
Fire Get Out & Stay Alive (fire video) Utah Risk Mgmt 2000 16:08
Fire Ready to Respond (fire video) University of Maryland 4/1/99 12:25
Hazcom Chemical Hazards Howard Hughes Medical Institute 10:00
Hazcom Chemical Storage Hazards Howard Hughes Medical Institute 11:00
Hazcom Hazard Communication; The Road to Safety Coastal Trainer's Toolkit 16:00
Hazcom Hazcom (Spanish) Envirowin  
Hazcom Hazcom: Labels & MSDS BITE Safety Watch 8:05
Hazcom Hazard Communication Program for Employees Johnson Wax 20:40
Hazcom Hazwoper First Responder Awareness Level Coastal 15:00
Hazcom Hazwoper First Responder Operations Level Coastal 17:00
Hazmat Brake Washer Part I & Part II on same tape Clayton Associates 22:53
Hazmat CAUTION: Battery on Board-An Auto Battery Safety Program Prevent Blindness America 8:00
Hazmat Centrifugation Hazards Howard Hughes Medical Institute 09:00
Hazmat-Lab Formula for Safety: Think Twice! Hazardous Waste Disposal Tracom  
Hazmat Formula for Safety: Watch Where You're Going: Slips, Trips & Falls Tracom  
Hazmat-Lab Formula for Safety: When Accidents Happen: Laboratory Spill Cleanup Tracom  
Hazmat Getting Organized: Laboratory Housekeeping Tracom Formula for Safety  
Hazmat Glassware Washing Hazards Howard Hughes Medical Institute 10:00
Hazmat Handle with Care-Glassware in the Laboratory Tracom Formula for Safety  
Hazmat Hazard Alert: Laboratory Spills Industrial Training Systems Corp 11:00
Hazmat Hazard Communications: Understanding Labels & MSDS Advantage Systems 17:14
Hazmat Hazmat 181 Training-DOT American Trucking  
Hazmat Hazmat Emergency-1 Recognizing Hazards Hazchem-1988 INCLUDES BOOKLET  
Hazmat How Do You Feel? Symptoms of Chemical Exposure Tracom Formula for Safety  
Hazmat It's Your Responsibility Tracom Formula for Safety 8:50
Hazmat Lab Hood Safety Industrial Training Systems Corp 12:15
Hazmat Laboratory Hazards & Safety Practices (2copies) US Geological Survey  
Hazmat P 2 Works (Pollution Prevention Works)    
Hazmat Practicing Safe Science (3 copies) Howard Hughes Medical Institute 29:00
Hazmat Reach for Safety: Gloves in the Laboratory Tracom Formula for Safety US Bureau of Mines Formula for Safety 8:43
Hazmat Safety In Science Laboratory  E M E Corporation  
Hazmat Specialized Lab Cleaning: for Custodians & Lab Managers Univ. of Calgary-1993 20:00
Hazmat Surplus Chemicals & Chemical Safety Independent  
Hazmat Your Health Matters: Basic Concepts of Chemical Safety Industrial Training Systems Corp 14:30
-missing 800 SCBA Training Program Safety West  
Occupational A Look at Ergonomics Herman Miller 8:15
Occupational Accident Investigation Long Island Productions 8:06
Occupational Alcohol Misuse Training for Supervisors #4621 CTTS/Safety Products 44:26
Occupational Asbestos Threat Long Island Productions 8:00
Occupational Asbestos: Understanding the Hazards Westcott Communications, Inc.  
Occupational Back Injury Prevention (Spanish) Envirowin  
Occupational Boom Supported Elevating Work Platform Safety UpRight, Inc. 17:40
Occupational Confined Space Entry SAFETY BITE Long Island Productions 5:00
Occupational Confined Space Training Long Island Productions  
Occupational Confined Spaces (video sampler) Training the Team National Safety Council-1991  
Occupational Cranes & Chains Long Island Productions 5:00
Occupational Drug Abuse & Alcohol Misuse Training for CDL Drivers#4624 AMS Distributers, Inc. 61:26
Occupational H/M Ergonomic Tape HMI 15:00
Occupational Hand Tool Safety BITE Long Island Productions 5:30
Occupational HIGH-IMPACT Fall Prevention ERI Safety Videos  
Occupational Human Behavior Reducing Unsafe Acts-B109 Long Island Productions 6:00
Occupational Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health North Safety Products 16:00
Occupational Ladder Safety BITE Long Island Productions 4:50
Occupational Ladder Safety BITE Safety Watch 7:12
Occupational Lock Out/ Tag Out BITE Long Island Productios 6:20
Occupational Lock Out/Tag Out Control of Hazardous Energy WSU  
Occupational Lockout . Tagout: You Hold the Key BBP Safety Program Closed captioned 14.47
Occupational Lockout/Tagout: Control of Hazardous Energy WSU  
Occupational Machine Guarding Long Island Productions 7:27
Occupational Managing the Problem Library Patron Campus Crime Prevention Programs  
Occupational Multi-gas Monitor TMX412 Training Industrial Scientific Corporation 35:00
Occupational No Injury, No Accident BNA Communications 14:43
Occupational North APR Safety West  
Occupational Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Diseases Bio-Control Industries  
Occupational Office Ergonomics Barr Media Group Management 15:00
Occupational Planning for Safety in Laboratory Operations Tracom 10:25
Occupational Self-Propelled Safety UpRight, Inc. 13:00
Occupational Shortcuts vs. Safety: Wheel of Misfortune Safety Watch 8:00
Occupational Substance Abuse Training for Transportation Supervisors AMS Distributers, Inc. 60:33
Occupational Trenching & Shoring Safety Long Island Productions 5:00
Occupational UL Safety UpRight, Inc. 10:40
Occupational Virtual EPA Inspection of A College or University Independent  
Occupational Working Back, The: A guide for Municipal Workers Workers Compensation Board 23:30
Occupational Working with Lead Exposure #263 Long Island Productions 17:00
Occupational Your Air-Purifying Respirator:  A Piece of Good News North Safety Products 11:15
Occupational You've Got A Job To Do (Intro to respiratory protection) Safety West  
Occupations Lock Out/Tag Out BITE Long Island Productions 6:20
Radiation Radiation Safety: Key to Contamination Control Univ. of Calgary-1993 25:00
Radiation Radiation Safety: Key to Contamination Detection Univ. of Calgary-1993 22:00
Radiation Radiation Safety: Key to Decontamination Procedures Univ. of Calgary-1993 17:00
Radiation Radiation & Your  Environment E M E Corporation  
Radiation Radionuclide Hazards Howard Hughes Medical Institute 12:00