Biological Safety

How to Report A Work Related Injury

Report your injury to your supervisor

  • So you can both complete the appropriate forms. (See links to Accident Reporting Forms below.)
  • To document your injury while details are fresh in your mind, even if you choose not to seek medical attention, in case later developments require medical attention.
  • Prompt reporting also benefits you in the following ways:
    • Pre-approval for medical treatment is hastened.
    • Prompt payment of medical bills is made easier.
    • Wage compensation, if applicable, is expedited.
Report your injury to WSU's Workers Compensation Coordinator

Report within 24 hours of your injury to WSU's Workers Compensation Coordinator, at (801) 626-7077. (If you are unable to report yourself, your supervisor or a co-worker may contact WSU's Workers Compensation Coordinator for you.)

Accident Reporting Forms

  1. Injured Person Report
  2. Supervisor Report

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