Educational workshops are offered fall and spring semesters and are designed to support and enhance student success. 

FREE to students, staff, faculty, and community | REGISTRATION Not Needed





Test Taking

Sat, Sept 23

10-11:30 am

D3 230

Test Taking

Wed, Sept 27

1:30-3 pm

D3 230

Time Management

Thurs, Oct 12

4:30-5:20 pm

D3 337

Creative Writing Open Mic 

Wed, Nov 29

10:30 am-Noon

D2 112

Don't Cancel Class Workshops

Faculty: the Division of Student Affairs would like to assist you if you ever have a need for a guest speaker related to students' experience on campus. A presenter can fill in if you need to attend a conference, meeting, or have an emergency, and will provide information on a variety of education topics or services, some which may relate to your course content. Topics include finances, diversity, health, academic support, employment, leadership, involvement, services, and safety. We also have information that can be shared at a faculty meeting.

Please visit the list of available Student Affairs Workshops and contact Jennifer Unguren at 801-395-3517 so that we can advertise to the campus.

For more information or to request accommodations in relation to a disability, contact:

Davis Student Services | 801 395-3460 | | D2 262 (2nd floor)