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Mountain West OSHA Education Center

The Mountain West OSHA Education Center (MWOEC) is proud to offer continuing education courses on the Occupational Safety & Health Administration subjects.

The center is authorized by OSHA to deliver occupational safety and health training on behalf of the OSHA Training Institute and has been conducting associated courses since 2002. Course topics include construction, oil and gas, public sector training and general industry training.

The MWOEC is part of the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational & Environmental Health and is located in Salt Lake City. It provides open-enrollment classes in Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. In addition, the MWOEC can deliver courses on-site at your facility at other locations across the country.


Program Highlights

Broadly Applied

OSHA courses focus on the health and safety of workers across an organization.

Industry Specific

From excavation and trenching, to handling hazardous materials, to construction, OSHA courses pertain to specific industries and situations.

Formally Authorized

Required OSHA courses are provided by authorized instructors that are part of an official Mountain West OSHA Education Center, a branch of the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational & Environmental Health.

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

Outreach Training Program

The Outreach Training Program is a voluntary program. Its purpose is to promote workplace safety and health, and to make workers more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights. Outreach training does not fulfill the training requirements found in OSHA standards. Employers are responsible for providing additional training for their workers on specific hazards of their job, as noted in many OSHA standards. 

Special Thanks to our Host Training Organizations