Businesses and Industries

Businesses and Industries

Business and Industry Connections: Ensuring Educated Workforces

As an institution committed to a vibrant Utah workforce, Weber State University is dedicated to the development of employees across industries and companies. The Division of Online & Continuing Education is focused on upskilling and retooling, regardless of industry.


For Weber State University

Maintaining strong connections with our Utah businesses and industries ensures that Weber State stays workforce aligned.

Strong relationships with the surrounding community better enable WSU to tailor education to that community’s workforce needs.

Feedback and input from industry can drive curriculum development for microcredentials and other academic programs.

For Your Business or Industry

Stay connected with the existing educational options, such as WSU’s microcredential program, that best fit your organization and employees and provide fast results.

Explore the possibility of education specifically developed for your business.

Understand the educational pathways that your employees can take to grow within your organization.

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