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Secure Your Company, Support Your Staff

People are your organization's greatest asset, but they can also be your biggest security vulnerability. Be proactive by identifying the risky behaviors that can develop into threats. This course uses NIST SP 800-171, a government-produced standard, to help you keep information secure. 

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Program Highlights


Learn how to better protect your workforce and the risks that employees are exposed to. Understand the risks that exist within your organization and how to mitigate them.


Your instructor will be Derek Strong, vice president of Strong Connexions. A former intelligence analyst with the National Security Agency, Strong brings an understanding of human behavior as its reflected in technology. He is a certified mobile forensics examiner who believes in a people-first approach.

Proactive Protection

Learn a set of precautionary practices that enable you to better maintain the security of users, devices, networks and data.

Program Details

While taking our course, you’ll begin to understand vulnerabilities and threats through navigating federal cybersecurity policies, practices, and requirements. The course will provide details on the following items and knowledge listed below:

Vulnerability Assessment

Using a basic cybersecurity gap assessment survey, based upon NIST SP 800-171 standards, determine your organization's vulnerabilities and risks.

System Security Plan

Receive a formal template and expertise to help you to complete a system security plan.

Right-Sized Change

Find ways to integrate large technological changes without affecting your organizational culture.

Special Bonus

Through our partner Strong Connexions, register and receive an online yearly software subscription for tracking progress, managing culture, and leader training.







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