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Prepare to Become CMMC Certified

If you plan to do business with the federal government, you’ll likely need to demonstrate that your team has the proper cybersecurity qualifications. Move forward in preparation for the CMMC Professional certification exam with this integral course.

Course Prerequisites: In order to be successful in this course, you should have foundational education or experience in cybersecurity. 

Instructor: Matt Paulson, director of the Weber State University Cybersecurity Initiative

Program Highlights

Meet Mandates

By fiscal year 2026, all organizations that provide products or services to the U.S. Department of Defense must have at least a CMMC Level 1 certification. Be ready by taking this course, then the exam*.

*Exam is not part of this WSU course

Open Up Possibilities

This course prepares you to seek the CMMC-AB Certified CMMC Professional certification, which enables you to be listed in the CMMC-AB Marketplace, use the CMMC-AD Certified CMMC Professional logo and participate as an assessment team member.

Explore Further Opportunities

If you are successful in obtaining the CMMC Professional certification, it is a step toward becoming a Certified CMMC Assessor.

Program Details

This course will teach you about the CMMC model, framework, context and DoD application. You’ll also be able to identify threats to cybersecurity and privacy, and implement countermeasures. Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

Threats to the Supply Chain

Learn how to identify and manage risks to sensitive information in the defense supply chain.

Regulatory Responses

Examine the regulations and standards that guard sensitive data.

Certification and assessment scope boundaries

As you prepare for the CMMC certification exam, learn what the certification covers, and what it doesn't allow you to do.

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