Mack Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Grants

Harold and Shirley Mack have established an endowment for DCHP students who are engaged in mentored undergraduate research (UR) projects. The interest earned from the endowment will be used to fund travel for students who have been accepted to present their research at scientific conferences.

Conference travel grants are also available through OUR (Office of Undergraduate Research). Funding through OUR, however, is limited to only one student per project, and many UR projects in the college involve multiple students. This endowment provides the opportunity to fund one additional student from two different departments in the college each year to present their research at a conference.

Funding criteria:

  • Students are nominated by a DCHP faculty member during the spring semester.
  • Students, along with their faculty mentor, will complete the following application form.
  • If the student has received a “letter of acceptance to present” from the conference, it should be submitted with the application.
  • The amount funded per student varies from year to year, but generally are around $1,000 per student.  The money can be used for conference registration and travel expenses. 
  • Students are required to first apply for travel funding through OUR, especially if the research project involves more than one student.
  • Submit an electronic copy of the travel grant application to the DCHP UR Committee chairperson.