mindful meditation group

Faculty and Staff Mindful Meditation Group

No Sessions Fall 2023


Come learn how to meditate and unwind while experiencing a calming environment during our weekly relaxation groups.

Benefits of Meditation and Relaxation

  • Increase your academic performance with improved concentration, memory, and productivity
  • Reduce fatigue, anxiety, headaches, ulcers, and more
  • Enhance immunity and overall health
  • Prevent stress from accumulating

Individuals may come weekly and/or occasionally as their time permits; however, greater benefit generally occurs with regular practice and weekly participation.


The Relaxation/Meditation Group helps participants deeply relax as they take part in a 45-minute guided relaxation/meditation using a variety of techniques. We focus on abdominal breathing to help participants release tension and relax.

Additional techniques principally used include

  • Meditation- focuses on being in the here-and-now, being mindful of the present. Refraining from allowing the past and/or future to create stress/unrest. Also includes silently repeating a mantra (a peaceful word, phrase or sound) while focusing on our breathing.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation- involves tensing and releasing muscle groups to reach a greater state of (muscular) relaxation. (May involve releasing existing tension without first tensing.)
  • Guided Imagery / Visualization of a Peaceful Scene- imagining a peaceful, calm and relaxing scene to bring tranquility to body and mind; visualizing a relaxing image/feeling.
  • Autogenic Training- focusing on bodily areas and imagining these areas becoming warm and heavy.

Adapted from: Bourne, E. (2005). The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook (4th Ed.).

This group is not a counseling or therapy group. It is a place to learn some relaxation skills. If you are interested in receiving individual or group therapy to address personal concerns, speak with the facilitator from the WSU Counseling and Psychological Services Center to find out how to initiate these services.

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