Event Management Systems

EMS is a comprehensive scheduling system designed to make scheduling fast and easy. Currently all major venues at Weber State are using the system including Shepherd Union, Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts, Stewart Sky Suites Stadium, Dee Event Center Arena, Lindquist Alumni Center, and the Hurst Center for Lifelong Learning.

To Get EMS Installed on Your Computer

Fill out the EMS Account Request form

You will need your IP address to complete the form.

Following installation, you will have access to user's manuals which can introduce you to the program. Additionally, you can contact the Scheduling, Events and Conference Services office for a one-on-one tutorial. You can also attend EMS User meetings to learn tips and best practices for using this system.

To Request Space Using Virtual EMS

Do you consistently book space within in the Shepherd Union or Outside Areas? If you are interested in being able to do this online, please send an email to michelleburnett1@weber.edu.

Please include:

  • what department/group on campus you need access to schedule for
  • your title

Once you have access you can use the link below to schedule online:


To Access EMS from Locations in Addition to Your Computer

Do you already have EMS on your work computer and need to access it from elsewhere? If so, please send an email to michelleburnett1@weber.edu with EMS Web Client in the subject line. Once you have access you can use the link below to access EMS online. 

You must have a username and password to access the site below:

EMS Web Client