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1. All Masters of Education students do NOT need to submit the entire Masters Proposal. Just fill out and submit the IRB application, along with supporting material, (i.e., copies of surveys, test information questionnaires, etc) as described in the instructions. Do not submit a copy of your proposal, but do submit a copy of the signed signature page from your proposal.

2. For those Masters of Education students who propose research using subjects within a given school district, you need to secure approval from the district offices. Attach a copy of the district's approval form to the IRB application.

3. For professors who propose research projects which involve students at WSU, please take time and give thought to how you give extra credit for participation in the project. Students have the legal right of refusal without fear of repercussion in any form. In other words, you must provide other opportunities for nonparticipating students to aquire the same extra credit as those who participate and for those who chose to discontinue a project, full credit must be given. The IRB at WSU will not approve an application which does not expliciltly state the options students will be given to earn extra credit. Moreover the options for earning extra credit should be of equal difficulty in comparison with participation in the project. Inequitable extra credit options are considered unethical. We strongly recommend that the instructor provide detailed information regarding extra credit in the syllabus at the beginning of the semester and submit a copy of the syllabus with the application. If the project is proposed later on during the semester, detailed information regarding options for extra credit must be supplied to the students in the form of a signed consent or information letter. A copy of the Informed consent statment should always accompany the IRB application.