Weber Snow Cooperative Music Licensure Program

If you are currently completing the Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music degree at Snow College and would like to add K-12 music teaching licensure, this program has been specially designed for you. The license you will receive, issued by the Utah State Office of Education at the recommendation of Weber State University, is the same teaching license and K-12 music teaching endorsement received by students at other Utah institutions of higher education. It will qualify you to teach any and all music courses, kindergarten through twelfth grade in the public schools.  After completing this program, you will have completed all courses required in a typical music education degree program. Plus, you will have the distinct advantages of additional coursework in music technology, jazz and popular music, guitar, song-writing, and arranging associated with the Commercial Music degree—essential skills that will allow you to more fully meet the needs of diverse 21st-century music students.

When can I begin?
You can begin the licensure program at the end of your junior year at Snow College. You can register for courses as soon as you have been accepted at Weber State University and into the program. 
What courses are required?
In addition to all courses for the Bachelor of Music degree in Commercial Music, 22 credits of music education courses from Snow College are required as well as 24 credits of teacher education courses from Weber State University. The WSU courses will be offered online, at the Snow College campus, and/or in local elementary and secondary schools. The student teaching semester can be completed anywhere.

Snow College (22 credits)
HFST 1500 Human Development (2)
MUSC 1700 Introduction to Music Education (3)
MUSC 1750 & 1760 Woodwind Pedagogy (2)  
MUSC 1480 & 1490 Brass Pedagogy (2)
MUSC 1840 & 1850 String Pedagogy (2)           
MUSC 1800 Percussion Pedagogy (1)   
MUSC 2050 Vocal Pedagogy (1)
MUSC xxxx Elementary Music Methods (4)
One of the following:

MUSC 3150 Vocal Methods (3)
MUSC 3160 Instrumental Methods (3)   

MUSC 4140 Contemporary Orchestration (2)
Weber State University (24 credits)
EDUC xxxx: Elementary Practicum (1)
EDUC 3220: Foundations of Diversity (2)
EDUC 3265: The Exceptional Student (2)
EDUC 3935: Reading and Writing across the Secondary Curriculum (2)
EDUC 3900: Preparing, Teaching, and Assessing Instruction (3)
EDUC 3910: Secondary Education Practicum (2)
EDUC 4940: Clinical Practice in Secondary Education (8) Student teaching
EDUC 4950:  Integrated Secondary Clinical Practice Seminar (4)

Are there any other requirements?

The state of Utah also requires that you pass the Music Education Content Knowledge (5113) Praxis Exam. All students should complete this before student teaching. More information is available here: (


How long does the licensure program take to complete?
Weber State University licensure courses can be completed in three semesters (summer, fall, and spring) as indicated below. 

Fall Semester (12 credits)

EDUC xxxx Elementary Practicum (1) in local elementary schools
EDUC 3220 Foundations of Diversity (2) Online
EDUC 3265 The Exceptional Student (2) Online
EDUC 3900 Preparing, Teaching, and Assessing Instruction (3) Online
EDUC 3910 Secondary Education Practicum (2) in local secondary schools Spring Semester (12 credits, no additional courses allowed during student teaching)
EDUC 3935 Reading and Writing across the Secondary Curriculum (2) Online

Spring Semester (12 credits, no additional courses allowed during student teaching)
EDUC  4940 Clinical Practice in Secondary Education (8) Student teaching
EDUC  4950  Integrated Secondary Clinical Practice Seminar (4) Online
Please note: Student teaching can be completed at any accredited school . . . anywhere. Please visit if interested in Worldwide Teaching Internships.  

How much does the licensure program cost?
Tuition and fees for the Weber State University courses are as follows (these costs will be adjusted to the current WSU tuition rate):

Summer (6 credits) $1,487

Fall (10 credits) $2,293

Spring (12 credits) $2,495

Total cost of the program: $6,275

How do I apply for financial aid?
Apply through Weber State University. During any semester in which you are NOT taking WSU courses, you should apply for financial aid through Snow College.  
How and when should I apply to Weber State University?
You should apply for admission to Weber State University during the Fall semester if you are planning to begin taking WSU courses the following Summer. WSU, like Snow College, is an open-enrollment institution.

  1. Log onto the WSU home page at
  2. Click on Admissions in the purple bar on the left side of the page
  3. In the drop down menu choose transfer students
  4. Follow the directions for admission to WSU; for Planned Course of Study, choose EDUC: Elmtry Applicant - BS. This designation is simply a "place holder" and will be replaced by the teacher education advisement center with the appropriate designation for this program. 
  5. After you have been accepted, you will be assigned a W number. 

How and when should I apply to the Cooperative Music Licensure Program?
To be accepted to the program, you should be at least a junior and be able to maintain a 3.0 GPA.

  1. Notify the program director by email ( that you would like to apply to the program.
  2. Interview with the director of the program (scheduled at the Snow College campus).
  3. Complete a background check.
    • Go to
    • Select Online licensure Renewal. Start a background check, follow the prompts for “initial licensure” and input all required information.
    • Choose Live Scan, pay the fee, and print out an Authorization Form.
    • Take the Authorization Form to a Live Scan site for fingerprinting (additional fee). A time will be set up for you to complete this step at the South Sanpete School District office.
    • When your background check is complete, you will receive a notice from USOE. Go to and register for an account. Go to your personal page and select the CACTUS link (bottom middle). Verify birthdate and SSN. Select “verify me”. Check personal information. Select Application Status. Print a copy of this page with your CACTUS ID on it. Send a copy of the page to

How can I register for courses?
You can begin registering prior to being formally accepted to the program. Please register as soon as possible after being accepted to Weber State University.

  1. The website to register is Copy and paste into the location bar on your browser.
  2. Click on the class you wish to register for.  Click "add" for the location and class you wish to attend.
  3. If you wish to register for a second class, click on "add more courses."  If you do not wish to register for additional classes, click on "complete your registration." 
  4. Complete the Personal Information section.  Fields with a * must be filled in.  (Your social security number is used to track your official transcript.  Your social security number will not be printed on your receipt.  You will be issued a student ID number beginning with the letter W)
  5. Complete the Payment Information section, and pay with your credit card.  If you choose to pay your fee with a check, please mail it in as soon as possible, along with a printout of the registration page. Your registration will not be processed until your check has been received. If you are applying for financial aid check the GRANT box in the payment area as you check out.
  6. Please call WSU Continuing Education Registration at 801-626-6600 if you have questions. Should you have difficulties and do not know who to contact, please contact: Kathleen Rivera

What do I need to do to get my actual teaching license?
Complete the following steps during your final semester to obtain your teaching license:

1. Go to this website: and fill out both the Licensure Checklist and the USOE Licensure Application and mail it to Natalie Struhs ( along with

2. A check payable to USOE for $55 (if you do NOT already have an initial or temporary license, do NOT send the check at this time)

3. Copies of passing Praxis II test scores. Make sure your scores are also posted on the USOE website. If they are not, you can email them to michelle.hernandez@schools. and she will post them and then let you know once this is done. 

4. Send OFFICIAL transcripts from Snow to USOE:

University Recommendations
Utah State Office of Education
Educator Licensing
250 East 500 South
PO Box 144200
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4200

5. Make sure your background check is passed and upt to date.

Once Natalie has everything from you, she will fill out and sign the requisite paperwork and forward it to USOE. They process the recommendation manually, after which they will contact you and let your know how to get a copy of your license.