Family Education Center

The current vision for the Family Education Center (FEC) is to strengthen inter-personal relationships between parents and their children, teachers, and community members. It is to be a clearinghouse where people could call and find out where they can find community programs to help them. It would help provided parents and teachers with effective tools to build healthy, rewarding relationships so their children can grow up with what they need to thrive and succeed. The FEC would also be involved in the development of new approaches to Family Life Education through a variety of mediums.


Dr. Merrrill & Jim Fay                                    Dr. James Bird                                 Dr. Randy Chatelain

Students are involved by creating workshops that are delivered in the community and also doing practicum work at various community agencies.

The FEC main project would be to coordinate the Families Alive Conference. The Literacy grant and Marriage Initiative grant would be placed under the FEC also. Other projects/services would include but are not limited to:
                  Services for Individuals, Couples and Families
                  Relationship Enhancement (Relationship skills training facility)
                            Couples Classes
                            Marriage Preparation
                            Marriage Enrichment
                            Couple Communication
                            Marriage and Family Education
                   Services for Parents and Families
                           Effective Parenting
                           Parent Support
                           Stepfamily Living
                           Family Meetings
                           Grief and Loss
                   Conflict Management
                           Conflict Resolution
                           Anger Management
                   Resources for childcare centers & family with behavioral difficulties/challenges
                   Under represented population
                           Looking at programs for Latino families, Asian families, etc.
                   Up-to-date website
                           Community links


Crystal Knippers                      Dr. Mark Adams                        Dr. Jack Rasmussen              Jeff Tesch

The Family Education Center was approved as part of the College of Education in 1984 and was to be housed in the Department of Child and Family Studies. It was to be a resource center that housed a variety of programs to help best educate family members to fulfill their roles more effectively. It was multi-departmental in score. The first director was Luan Ferrin, followed by Donna Bauman and Kay Rawson. It has been difficult to gain funding to sustain a director. Programs that could have been housed under this center have been given to individuals faulty to manage such as Families Alive Conference, the Marriage Initiative Grant, the Literacy Grant, etc.

Updated 03-06-2012