April 2012 MEDUC 6920 USOE Relicensure Course

The Utah State Office of Education has authorized the Teacher Education Department at Weber State University to offer a six day master’s level re-licensure course. The course is MEDUC 6920; “Current Issues, Topics and Practices in Education.” It will provide participants 100, 150 or 200 licensure points.



The course will be offered offerings Monday, April 23 through Saturday April 28, 2012.  Class will start at 7:30 am with a continental breakfast on Monday and will be completed by 3:30 each day.  Enrollment will be capped at 25 participants. The course will be taught in Room 15 of the McKay Education Building on the Ogden Campus.  Please note that this is a graded, for-credit course.  Therefore, some outside assignments will be required to meet State and University requirements.


Please review all of the information provide in the links at the left.  There you will find the schedule of sessions, syllabi, directions for parking, and materials you need to bring with you on the first day of class.  You need to obtain a parking pass for the A2 lot for the week from parking services.  You may pay by the day or the whole week.  It is strongly suggested that you purchase your parking pass prior to the day class begins. Again, please review the links at the left for all information regarding our week together.


You will need to attend the course based upon the number of re-licensure points you need.  The course will be structured so that all participants attend the first three days and receive 100 points.  The remaining three days will be broken into six sessions.  Attendance at these sessions will be determined by the number of licensure points needed up to 200.  PLEASE contact Brandie Schulz at the Utah State Office of Education, Teaching and Learning Licensing office to verify the exact number of points you need to relicense. She may be reached at 801-538-7532.


If you need to earn:

·         0 to 100 points: register for 2 credit hours, CRN 10557 ($671) and you must attend all of the first 3 days.  You will earn 100 licensure points.


·         101-150 points: register for 3 credit hours, CRN 10558 ($870) and you must attend all of the first 3 days plus your choice of 3 of the remaining 6 sessions.  You will earn 150 licensure points.


·         151-200 points: register for 4 credit hours, CRN 10559 ($1,069) and you must attend the entire week. You will earn 200 licensure points. 


Registration is available online through WSU’s Continuing Education Department. Please register on the web as soon as possible.  If you do not have access to the internet, contact Continuing Education Registration at 801-626-6600, and register and pay by phone.


STEP 1: The website to register is http://departments.weber.edu/ce/pd/teachertraining/   or type in www.weber.edu/teachertraining into the location bar on your browser. Click On: Teacher Training


STEP 2: Click on the class you wish to register for.  Click "add" for the location and class you wish to attend.


STEP 3: If you wish to register for a second class, click on "add more courses."  If you do not wish to register for additional classes, click on "complete your registration." 


STEP 4: Complete the Personal Information section.  Fields with a * must be filled in.  (Your social security number is used to track your official transcript.  Your social security number will not be printed on your receipt.  You will be issued a student ID number beginning with the letter W)


STEP 5: Complete the Payment Information section, and pay with your credit card.  If you choose to pay your fee with a check, please mail it in as soon as possible.  Please include a printout of the registration page.  If your school is paying for the class, you may send a school check. You may also send a personal check and seek reimbursement from your individual school.


Also, remember that you need to have your fingerprint background check completed as part of your re-licensure process.  You may apply online for your fingerprint release form and you can take it to any Live Scan site to be fingerprinted. We plan on having time during the course for this process to take place.  Please visit https://www.schools.utah.gov/cert/other/Fingerprinting.htm for more information.