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Departmental Honors in Construction Management

Graduate from the Department of Construction Management with honors.




  • “Department of Honors” designation on the transcript
  • “Department of CM Honors” printed on the degree diploma
  • Personalized certificate signed by the president of WSU and the honors director
  • Invitation to Honor Nye-Cortez banquets at the end of the academic year

How to Apply


  1. Complete the Departmental Honors Entrance Application for departmental honors, and submit it to the Honors Program (3nd floor of the Stewart Library, room 324). Entrance application must be submitted one semester prior to graduation.
  2. Meet the requirements listed CM Deparmental Honors
  3. Graduation with Departmental Honors-After completing all the department contract requirements, fill out the Departmental Honors Exit Application. The form must be submitted before fall break for fall graduation and before spring break for spring graduation. 

You must be cleared by the Parson Construction Management program and the Honors Program.

CM Program Advisor-Chris Soelberg, 801-395-3429



Construction Management Departmental Honors:

  • Be an active member of Sigma Lambda Chi – Construction Management Honor Society
  • Complete all Bachelor of Science requirements as a CM major
  • Earn a grade point average of 3.6 in required CM courses
  • Pass the Associate Constructor Exam
  • Earn an “A” in CM 4610/4620 Senior Experience/Senior Project
  • Complete one of the following:
    1. Compete in two (2) student competitions. Acceptable competitions include: The CM Challenge, presented by Brigham Young University; Associated Schools of Construction student competition, Design Charrette, or another competition approved by the program manager.
    2. Actively serve as a leader in the CM student organization.
    3. Other service learning project approved by the program advisor.

If you have not completed general education requirements, you are encouraged to take honors general education classes.





Joseph Wolfe
Department Chair

Chris Soelberg
CM Program Advisor

Dr. Judy Elsley
Honors Director