Greetings from Dean Simonian

Greetings to the family and friends of Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions. It has been a very busy and productive semester for all of us in the college. We have had approvals from the Board of Regents to offer two additional graduate degrees from our college. The first one was the Master of Science in Nursing - Nurse Practitioner, and the second one was the Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy (MSRT). Additionally, our students have been conducting undergraduate research, winning competitions and putting their earned scholarships to good use. The faculty have been mentoring our students, publishing in their respective professional journals, receiving honors and awards, and going global. The faculty in the Respiratory Therapy department have been helping the University of Ghana to offer their first Baccalaureate of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy in that country.

On March 18, the college hosted an appreciation banquet to honor our donors and spotlight our scholarship recipients. The dinner was very valuable and well attended. It featured Mr. Josh Pulido, one of our successful graduates, who shared his success and touching story. Four of our scholarship recipients talked about the effect their scholarships had on their lives and future goals. Stephanie Carranza’s story moved everyone to tears and demonstrated the kind of an impact helping students with scholarships can have. Words are not enough and cannot tell our donors how grateful we all are for their generosity and philanthropy. We honor them with banquets, thank you letters and informative stories.

Thank you again, Yas