2013-2014 Club Constitution



Preamble:       The name of the club shall be: Weber State Bowling Club

                        Club President, 2012-2013:    Kameron Wight, 801-859-5881

                        Advisor/Coach 2012-2013:     Fred Meaders, 801-626-7984

                                                                        Shaun Reeve, 801-419-9701, asst. Coach/trainer

            The clubs purpose shall be: to facilitate students wanting to compete in bowling as a sport on campus and inter-collegiately, to help students improve their skills and knowledge of the sport, to foster the acquisition of valuable life skills by student members, (e.g. team skills, concentration, coping with pressure situations, dealing with the adversity of winning & losing, sportsmanship, interpersonal relations, leadership, and increase their social capital.) and to contribute to student retention and recruitment. The club will achieve this by promoting and sponsoring intercollegiate bowling competitions, encouraging bowling on campus, and by sponsoring teams, for both men and women, to compete in regional and national tournaments.

Article I:         Membership

  1. Membership in the bowling club is open to any student, faculty, or staff of WSU, or to interested non-students on an emeritus status.  A majority of the club leadership and current members shall constitute a quorum for voting purposes.  No one will be denied membership due to race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, or color.
  2. Only full-time (12 Cr. Hour current registration) students with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA are eligible to participate in intercollegiate competitions as per USBC-Collegiate eligibility guidelines.  To maintain eligibility students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of courses each academic year, and competitive eligibility will be limited to a maximum of 4 years.  
  3. For a member to remain active, they must pay their dues and register their membership at the beginning of each semester, excepting summer.
  4. To qualify to compete in any intercollegiate tournament, the member is required to attend a minimum of one official practice each week.  Allowance will be made for emergencies, illness, or academic reasons at the discretion of the club leadership and coach.  All members wishing to travel must sign the team rules agreement and must comply with all rules to maintain traveling status.
  5. The club will compete in about 10 tournaments each season(depending upon funding and geographical location), excluding post-season invitation.  The competitive team (traveling team) will be chosen by the Coach/Advisor, based upon average, appearance and attitude, ability to travel, eligibility as per USBC-Collegiate guidelines, potential, and their interpersonal skills as a team member.  Active members of the competing teams are expected to attend competitions and will make necessary arrangements with their professors to make up any missed work, and when necessary will get off of work obligations.  Members unable to make this commitment may not be allowed to attend future team competitions.  Team members will be expected to travel together whenever possible and campus vehicles will be used when traveling more than 100 miles from campus whenever possible.  Costs for personal vehicle use will not be reimbursed except as agreed upon prior to use; team members are encouraged to car-pool and share expenses of travel to local practices or tournaments when private vehicles may be used.
  6. The club will hold regular practice sessions/meetings twice weekly, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1-3 pm. At Wildcat Lanes or another designated location.  The purpose of these meetings will be to elect officers, carry out necessary business, and to practice bowling.
  7. For the required academic credits, see paragraph B above.
  8. The USBC national portion of dues will be paid by the club, for all members who compete in any intercollegiate competition.
  9. Non-student members will receive the same benefits as students, except they are not eligible to compete in any intercollegiate events.

                        J.          GPA-- Anyone can be a member of the club without regard to their enrollment status or their GPA; however, those members who want to compete with the traveling team(s) must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA and be registered as a full time student (minimum 12 credit hours for undergraduates students, 6 credit hours for graduate students.)   To maintain their eligibility for future seasons students must progress toward graduation according to the schedule mandated by the USBC-Collegiate division eligibility office.

                        Benefits for club members include, but are not limited to the following:

                        1.         The opportunity to try out for competing teams, based upon performance, attitude, ability to travel, and eligibility guidelines as established by USBC-Collegiate.

                        2.         Receive advanced instruction to better their skills in the sport of bowling

            3.         Purchase bowling equipment and supplies at prices below regular retail rates.

4.         The opportunity to practice with their peers and make friends with other students.


Article II:       University Compliance        

            The WSU Bowling Club shall comply with all Weber State University and Club Sport regulations and guidelines, and members, while representing the institution or club at any and all official functions shall comply with the accepted Weber State University Student Code (see WSU Policies and Procedures Manual) and with all local, state, and federal laws.


Article III:      Dues and Budget

                        A.        Dues:   All club members are required to pay dues according to the following rates:              Students          $100/semester

                                                                        Non-Students  $115/semester

All dues are to be paid by Oct. 1st for Fall Semester or Feb. 1st for Spring Semester.  By arrangement prior to these deadlines members may choose to pay their dues in three increments with due dates of $40 Sept 20th, $30 Oct. 15th, and $30 Nov. 15th for Fall Semester, and $40 Jan. 20th, $30 Feb. 15th, and $30 Mar. 15th for Spring Semester.  Students who join the club later in the semester will be allowed to pay their dues on a pro-rated schedule.  Those joining the club fall semester prior to Oct. 15th must pay regular fees; Those joining Oct.16th - Nov. 25th must pay students-$70, non-students-$85; Those joining after Nov. 25th must pay students-$40, non-students-$55.  Fall semester membership is good until the first day of classes Spring Semester.  Those joining the club Spring Semester prior to Feb. 15th must pay the regular fees; Those joining Feb. 16th - Mar. 25th must pay student-$70, non-students-$85; Those joining after Mar. 25th must pay students-$40, non-students-$55.  

  1. All dues must be paid to either the Campus Recreation Office or Cashier’s Office.
  2. Members who are not current with dues payment will not be allowed to travel or compete in tournaments with the club.
  3. The Coach/Advisor will maintain and oversee the club’s budget with the club officers having oversight authority.  Each year the Coach/Advisor will submit the proposed budget to the Sport Club office in a timely manner after it has been reviewed and approved by the club student officers.  All expenditures will be properly documented with receipts issued by the vendors and records maintained in the Campus Recreation office and in compliance with Club Sport and University purchasing guidelines.

Article IV:      Club Leadership members:

A:        Selection of officers:  Fall Semester, a meeting will be scheduled by previous officers or the advisor for the purpose of nominating and electing officers.  A majority vote of the members present at this meeting will be required to elect any officer.  Every active member shall have one vote. Voting will be either by role call or as a show of hands. The advisor will only have a vote in case of a tie.

Club Officers will be as follows:        President

                                                                                                            Vice President



B:        The term of office shall coincide with the WSU school year beginning Fall Semester and ending the last day of Summer Semester.

C:        Duties of the officers shall be:

President:         Preside over activities and conduct club meetings. Hold a meeting weekly with officers to plan club business and coordinate activities, appoint committees to carry out business. Act as a member of at least one committee.  The president is responsible for attending the monthly sport club council meeting.  In the event that he is unable to attend, he must arrange for the vice president or another officer to attend in his place.

Vice-President:                Aide and advise President, acting in his behalf when he is absent, appoint committee members and act as a member of at least one committee.

Secretary:           To maintain minutes of club meetings, maintain team averages, insure all necessary paperwork is completed and turned in to the club sports office, and assist the president, vice-president, and advisor as needed.. To assist the advisor in necessary paperwork for club trips, etc. Member of Rules committee.

Treasurer:           To maintain a record showing payment of club dues, membership payments, fund raising activities, and to act as a member of the fund raising committee.  All monies received must be receipted and deposited with the WSU cashier’s office within three business days of receipt; a copy of all deposit receipts must then be given to the club advisor and to the sport club office for filing.

D:        In case of an officer leaving school, (except for summer), or resigning, prior to the end of his or her term in office, a meeting will be called and new nominations will be accepted and a new officer elected. These meetings will be conducted by the senior officer in attendance, with the line of authority as listed above.  Any officer not performing his or her duties as stated in the constitution can be impeached and the office vacated if a 2/3 majority of club members so vote.

E:         Officers will be elected in the first official meeting of the club each fall semester by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting.

F:         Only WSU students are eligible for office.  Any student club member may be nominated to serve in a leadership position. 

G:        The President and Vice President may form committees for the following purposes:                       Tournaments

                                                                        Fund Raising

                                                                        Rules and Regulations



                                                                        Web Page

                                                                        Others as needed

At least one club officer will belong to each committee, and may chair the committee.


Article V:       The Coach/Advisor

A:        The Coach/Advisor of the club will be the Wildcat Lanes Coordinator as per his/her job description and assigned duties.  The coach/advisor may solicit additional help from others to supplement in the coaching/training of all bowling athletes as need dictates.  Any outside coaching players may want should be disclosed to the coach/advisor and must be agreeable to both the coach and player.

                        B:        Expectations:  as a faculty/staff member of Weber State University, his/her

responsibilities include being familiar with the Clubs Sports handbook, keeping the Executive Committee Board informed of any university policies, and serving as a resource for the well being of the club.  He/she is to meet regularly with the club officers to discuss concerns and make certain all club functions are being completed as outlined.

C:        The coach/advisor is to be familiar with the Club Sport Handbook, provide instruction to the team, prepare the team for competition, and to uphold all university and club sports policies. The coach shall act in concert with the Club officers


Article VI:      The club Advisor

            See Article V above.

Article VII:    Constitution Approval:

The constitution will be presented to the membership of the club at the clubs first meeting and will be approved by majority vote of the whole membership of the club.

A:        If any member of the club feels a change needs to be made to this constitution, it will be submitted in writing to the President of the club; the amendment will then be voted upon by the Club Officers.  If the amendment receives a majority vote of the Club Officers, it shall then be presented to the membership of the club.  If the amendment is approved, it shall then be officially added to this Constitution

B:        Any additional bylaws, rules, or regulations to be added to this constitution must first be approved by the Club Officers by majority vote, followed by a vote of the membership of the club.  If it is favored by two-thirds or more of the members of the club, it shall then be added. 

Article VIII:   Attendance at Club Leadership Meetings:

If the club fails to have a representative at the club sports meeting (first Tuesday each month during fall and spring semesters) the club will be fined $75. If the club fails to attend two meetings back to back, the club will be placed on probation.  If a club is placed on probation and then fails to attend the club sports meeting it may lose funding for future activities or seasons.

Article IX:      Tuition Waivers and Scholarships

A:        Choosing Recipients:  Private Donor Scholarships will be awarded according to the requests of the donors with the input of the current coach/advisor and the use of a scholarship committee as may be required.  Tuition waivers as granted by the institution will be awarded according to GPA, and competitive bowling ability (past performance, bowling resume, leadership, and video tape for new incoming students) as determined by the coach/advisor; demonstrated financial need may be considered in the awarding process. 

B:        The amounts awarded will be determined by the donors, or the coach/advisor & committee, where applicable.  The award amounts for university tuition waivers will be proposed by the coach/advisor after the number and amount to be given to the club/team has been determined, and will be ratified by a majority vote of the club officers.  One waiver may be provided to the club president for the coming year, in the amount approved by the club/advisor and the club officers. 

C:        Students may receive a scholarship for more than one year but application may be required each year, and all standards for GPA and progress must be met in order to receive funds in a subsequent year/semester.