The first page is the form you, the student, must fill out completely and sign before submitting to our office. You should provide a detailed statement explaining the reason for your request for an exception to university policy.

Collect documentation: The burden of proof rests with you to submit documentation of circumstances which prevented you from adhering to university policy.

Instructor verification is required. Please have your instructor(s) provide information regarding your attendance and participation in the course. They may email the appropriate information directly to our office ( from their WSU email account. A completed Instructor Verification form may be substituted for the email.

Medical circumstances should include a letter from your doctor or the person from whom you sought medical attention. Dates of surgery, accident, illness and the nature of the complications should be included. The committee wants to know how the medical condition prevented you from completing class or withdrawing within university deadlines.

If a death of your immediate family occurred, a death certificate or obituary will be required.

For armed forces members, a copy of your deployment orders will be necessary. An official letter from you unit commander is also acceptable.

Other documentation may be necessary depending on your situation. Some include: verification of enrollment at another university, official legal documents, police reports, etc.