September 3, 2008

Deans' Council Minutes

Present: President Ann Millner, Provost Michael Vaughan, Bruce Bowen, Ryan Thomas, Melvin Carr, Bret Ellis, Dave Ferro, Lewis Gale, Laird Hartman, Warren Hill, Joan Hubbard, Catherine Zublin for Madonne Miner, Dale Ostlie, Jack Rasmussen, Richard Sadler, Yas Simonian, and Tyler Lathem; Guest: Brad Mortensen

The meeting convened at 2:00 p.m.

Capital Campaign Brad Mortensen discussed the upcoming capital campaign. He discussed suggestions that were made by a consultant in regards to the capital campaign. The previous campaign was entitled “Changing Minds.” The upcoming campaign may be tied to the anniversary of the founding of the school. Some factors driving the next campaign are the declining trends in proportion of state operating funds, limited tuition capacity, and facility renewal and expansion funds are limited. Some strategies include broader institutional and volunteer involvement, commitment and culture of philanthropy, as well as the development of the next generation of philanthropists.
Bingham Proposals Michael Vaughan distributed a handout regarding this year’s Bingham proposals. Two, three or maybe even four proposals may be funded this year. The initial proposals should be brief. The proposals are due September 29. The proposals should be kept under $20,000.
NSSE Michael Vaughan distributed some results from the last National Survey of Student Engagement. The graphs represent the composite results of a number of questions. The questions are included in the second handout. Some areas the deans may want to examine are student/faculty interaction and student research.
Assessment Training Opportunities Ryan Thomas distributed a handout on upcoming Assessment conferences. He asked the deans to please let him know if any of their faculty would be interested in attending a conference.
Ed Passes for Adjunct Faculty Michael Vaughan distributed forms for adjunct faculty to fill out in order to receive an Ed Pass. The faculty should keep in mind that the Ed Passes will not work without a Wildcard.