II. 2000-2001 Priority Issues

 B. Faculty PC's.

1. Need reflected in survey and college plans.
In a 1998 survey 77% of faculty would reallocate or would consider reallocation of University resources to the regular update of faculty computers. Four colleges and 13 individual department plans call for faculty pc upgrades. This is the second most frequently mentioned category in college plans, following disciplinary lab facilities.

2. Status.
Virtually all faculty and academic department staff have office computers running Windows or equivalent Macintosh operating systems. All are connected to the campus ethernet system and have access to GroupWise email, basic office software, file storage and shared printing through Novell NetWare.

The following table shows the number and proportion of faculty computers purchased in each of the last four fiscal years and earlier. For individuals with more than one registered computer, the most recently acquired is designated.

year of acquisition
<7/94 94-95 95-96 96-97 97-98 unknown TOTAL
TOTAL 165 37 138 44 41 2 427
prop 0.39 0.09 0.32 0.10 0.10 0.00
3. 1998-1999 Plan.

Computer upgrades for faculty should occur routinely and frequently enough to insure that all faculty have a computer capable of supporting modern applications.