IV. E. Disciplinary Labs and Departmental Facilities

Disciplinary labs and departmental facilities.
Below is a list of departmentally operated labs with particular disciplinary applications. Individual computers distributed across several lab facilities, such as in Physics, have been grouped together for list presentation. 43 separate lab facilities in 28 departments with 581 microcomputers appear on this list. This list is incomplete and these numbers underestimate disciplinary facilities.

Applied Technology

 Computer Sci TE 103  48 Win95  General purpose, beginning CS
  TE 109  23 NT, Win95  General purpose, graphics
  TE 109  36 UNIX  Operating systems and programming
  TE 109C  16 NT, Win95   Microsoft certification
 Elect B4 410  16  circuit layout & analysis
  B4 408  12  microprocessor circuits, misc.
 (With CS) B4  7  networking
  B4  dist 4  miscellaneous specialized
 MMET ET 101  17 UNIX  advanced computer assisted design
  ET 103  25 Windows  computer assisted design
  ET 202    25 Windows  computer manufacturing & analysis
 SST TE 102B  9 Macintosh  graphics presentation applications
 TBE B2 209  45 Win95  office support applications
  B2 211  69 Win95  office support applications
  B2 229  31 Win95   office support applications

Arts and Humanities

 Commun  SU 267  16 Macintosh   Signpost
   SU 274  2 Windows   Radio Station
 English  SC 266  3 Win95  Writing Center


 IS&T  WB 120  8 Windows laptops   wireless network
   WB 202  12  
   WB 203   8 various  networking, Oracle training


 Teach Ed  ED 333  Macintosh  educational software
 HPHP   PE 12  Windows   Human Performance lab

Health Professions

 CLS   lab  7 Windows   lab analysis, reporting
 Dent Hyg   lab  20 Windows   patient information system
 Health Admin   lab  11 Windows   patient information system
 Nursing   lab  12 Windows laptops   charting, patient info
 Rad Sci  lab  1 sonography simulator  
 Resp Ther  lab  4 Mac, Win  


 Botany  lab  1 Windows  microtiter plate reader
 Chemistry labs  5 Windows   lab miscellaneous
 Geoscience  GISlab  6 NT  Rem Sens GIS
 Metlab    7 Mac, Win  satellite image capture& process
 Math  B4 505  30 varied  Mathematica, other math
 Micro  lab  4 Windows  culture identification, misc.
 Physics  intro labs  27 Macs  data acquisition & analysis
   adv labs  8 Windows   data acquisition & analysis
 Zoology  labs  2 Windows  DNA analysis, data acquisition

Soc & Beh Science

 Soc/Anth  Archlab    
 Crimin  Crimelab    
 Geograph  lab    
 Psych  exper lab    


   LI 225  4 Windows