IV. D. ARCC Projects, 1993-94 to 1997-98


Budget supplemented with $135,000 from University contingency funds.

I. Student labs.
Library pc's & printer for lab $13,700
Eric Jacobson

Academic Computing pc's & printer for Soc Sci lab 41,000
Eric Jacobson

VA, Perf Arts, etc. hardware, software for Mac lab 33,000

Computer Science pc's for lab 12,000
Dave Hart

BEAS (TBE) printer & pc's for lab 13,300
Margaret Bennett

Mathematics server & software upgrades 10,000
Cyndy Palumbo

Business & Economics pc upgrades for lab 32,500
Dolly Samson

Natural Science pc upgrades for lab 17,800
Danny Vaughn

II. Faculty Computing Support.
(50% match provided for faculty pc's. Colleges or departments provided balance.)
Applied Science 2 faculty assisted 2,500

Arts & Humanities 11 faculty assisted 14,455

Business & Economics 4 faculty assisted 5,400

Education 3 faculty assisted 6,965

Health Professions 8 faculty assisted 12,750
Science 9 faculty assisted 14,650

Social & Behavioral Sci 3 faculty assisted 3,450

Education network connections for 35 faculty 7,000

III. Departmental Projects.

Electronics pc for automatic testing lab 3,000
Wayne Andrews

Center for Aerospace T miscellaneous software 300
Bob Twiggs

MMET upgrade of AutoCAD software 4,550
Larry Leavitt

MMET printer for lab 1,440
Larry Leavitt

Sales & Service Tech computer LCD overhead 5,500
Rick Dove

Business & Economics student aide for faculty pc's 7,100
Mike Vaughan

Botany herbarium database 4,500
Steve Clark

Library software for interlibrary loan 5,000
John Lamborn

Visual Arts Mac for class display 3,670
Mark Biddle

Performing Arts Macs & software for workshop 13,000
John Bizzell

Chemistry pc's for data acquisition 7,160
Ed Walker
Geology notebook for satellite location 4,200
Danny Vaughn

Inst Tech (CATS) Macintosh for projector 5,500
Alan Livingston


Budget supplemented with $55,000 from student fees.

I. Student labs.

Electronics upgrade general lab $20,000
Warren Hill

Foreign Language laser disk-computer lab 30,000
John Kartchner

College of Science pc's for Learning Center lab 26,000
Danny Vaughn

Library pc's for Library lab 10,000
Peggy Pierce

II. Faculty Computer Support.
(50% match provided for faculty pc's. Colleges or departments provided balance.)

47 faculty pc's purchased 57,267

Arts & Humanities network connections for 32 faculty 6,500
Eric Jacobson

Health Professions network connections for 45 faculty 7,500
Eric Jacobson

III. Departmental projects.

Microbiology lab analysis hardware & software 2,500
Mohammed Sondossi

Geology (Geoscience) set up Geology database 8,000
Jim Wilson

Respiratory Therapy pc for CBI development 2,500
Valerie Aston

Dental Hygiene pc for student evaluations 1,500
Frances McConaughy

Clinical Lab Science pc's for clinical info system 3,500
Gary Nielsen

CATS CD recorder 7,000
Alan Livingston

Business & Economics develop multi-media classroom 13,500
Mike Vaughan


Budget supplemented with $85,000 from student fees; and two budget years were spent in order to catch up with the budget cycle.

I. Student labs.

Academic Computing rewire SS, NS, WB and general $43,000
Eric Jacobson server upgrades

Academic Computing lab operations 6,000
Liz Ravenwood

Academic Computing pc upgrades for SS, WB, NS, Lib 143,000
Eric Jacobson

BEAS (TBE) lab hardware & software 12,000
Margaret Bennett

Computer Science NT software 3,400
Bob Capener

Academic Computing graphics workstation 13,500
Mark Biddle

II. Faculty Computing Support.
(Each college was awarded 40% of the approved faculty requests from that college.)

Applied Science 9 faculty assisted 10,415

Arts & Humanities 11 faculty assisted 12,101

Business & Economics 8 faculty assisted 6,768

Education 8 faculty assisted 14,256

Health Professions 8 faculty assisted 11,952

Science 3 faculty assisted 10,736

Social & Behavioral Sci 12 faculty assisted 10,774

Honors 1 faculty assisted 576

III. Departmental Projects.

Visual Arts, etc. support for network color printer 2,925
Mark Biddle

Performing Arts system for costume design 7,000
Catherine Zublin

Nursing notebooks for charting 8,800
Caroline Lewis

Microbiology biocontrol system 7,000
Mohammed Sondossi

Physics Nuclear lab contol & data recording 3,500
Rondo Jeffery

Zoology Lab measurement in DNA lab 3,000
Amy Ahern-Rindell

IV. University Library projects.
( For most projects a substantial match was made from Library.)
All supervised by John Lamborn

CD information licenses 26,900

CD server upgrades 5,000

pc's for interlibrary loan 10,000

pc's for reference desk 3,600

document printer for Davis 2,500

pc's for biblio 3,600

electronic reserve system 5,000

tech support & training 7,800


Budget supplemented with $60,000 from student fees.

I. Student labs.

Academic Computing initiate late hour lab $15,000
Eric Jacobson

Health Professions upgrade HP testing center 12,000
Geraldine Christensen

Academic Computing upgrade Mac Lab 52,500
Eric Jacobson

Mathematics Dept. upgrade Math lab 14,000
John Thaeler

II. Faculty computing support.

IT Division contribution for faculty pc project $45,000
(Matched with $90,000)

Computing Support student aides to assist faculty $31,000
Betty Tucker

III. Departmental Projects.

TBE Pc for multi-media classes 3,142
Margaret Bennett

Electronics SPICE circuit layout software 4,000
Wayne Andrews

Arts & Humanities software & peripherals for Macs 6,450
Mark Biddle

IS&T hardware & software for net lab 10,000
Zholin Yu

Teacher Ed class computer projector stations 7,000
Ray Wong

Med Records upgrade Medical Records lab 10,640
Pat Shaw

Zoology Cyrillic software for DNA 1,710
Amy Ahern-Rindell

Physics Macs for intro lab 7,000
Richard Hills

Library pc's for map retrieval 7,000
John Lamborn

Teaching & Learning Commonspace software 3,000
Kathryn MacKay


Budget supplemented with $103,000 from student fees and 80,000 from HETI classroom funds.
I. Student labs.

SS Learning Center Lab server, scanner 6,000
Becky Sneddon

Learning Support continue late hour lab 13,000
Carl Porter

Library expand library lab 50,000
John Lamborn

Learning Support expand LS lab in Union 40,000
Carl Porter

Academic Computing fund to cover lab emergencies 10,000
Eric Jacobson

Academic Computing upgrades for SS and WB labs 44,000
Eric Jacobson
(COBE contributed $10,000)

II. Faculty support.

Computing Support student aides to assist faculty 25,000
Betty Tucker

Business & Economics faculty pc's for Allred, Amiri 5,700
Mike Vaughan and Kiger

Chemistry computer for Charles Davidson 1,913
Todd Johnson

Geoscience computer for Marik Matyjasik 2,266
Danny Vaughn

Social Science faculty pc's for Everest, Kearin, 9,500
Rob Reynolds

Library faculty pc's for Hansen, Carpenter 4,480
Kathy Payne

Child & Family RAM upgrades for 8 faculty 800
Tom Day

III. Departmental projects.

Comp Sci & Sales & Serv T 10 pentiums for NT. $18,000
Bob Capener, John Burkes

TBE 5 pentiums for 211. 8,985
Margaret Bennett

Electronics 2 pentiums for Indust Control 3,600
Wayne Andrews

English 3 pentiums for Writing Center 5,850
Denise Weeks

Foreign Language Mac notebook and projector 7,000
Tony Spanos

Communication Audio edit station 3,900
Ty Sanders

Business & Economics computers for departmental 13,500
Mike Vaughan display projectors

Child & Family Mac notebook & projector 7,000
Tom Day

Child & Family Test and demo software 1,600
Rosalind Charlesworth

Health Sciences 4 Macs for testing 6,396
Craig Gundy

Dental Hygiene Computer, cabinet for projector 3,000
Bonny Branson

Microbiology OMIGA, DNA analysis software 2,500
Craig Oberg

Mathematics SciNote software 1,000
Afshein Ghoreishi
Physics VGA display for SL240 3,400
Farhang Amiri

Psychology laptop for LCD panel. 2,750

Library Ariel workstation for Interlib Loan 2,651
Kathy Payne

Medical Records dial-up access to patient database 8,200
Chris Elliott