Briefly, add any other suggestions you have for improving information
technology for your particular department and discipline.

101--Have color printers available in Education building Mac Lab. Better yet, plan for one in a new art building.
102--1) a computer that works, 2) a computer with enough memory to handle large files of visual materials, 3) Zip drives
103--The computers of all faculty need upgrading. Also I have an ancient Netscape installed on my computer that has yet to be replaced.
104--We need discipline specific computers (1 or 2) for students to access adjacent to studio space.
107--Training in the discipline--specific software we have in our college.
108--Students need to have a sound body of knowledge within their preparation so that they can separate meaningful materials from the volumes of junk they are confronted with. All technologies need to facilitate learning and promote the ability to think.
109--Tell me why I should re-tool my whole life to conform to Info-Tech. I'm 63 1/2 years old!
"Bite the Bullet" and learn if appropriate. P.S. We do have a PC at home and it is used sparingly by family members. My wife uses a spread sheet for doing her high school grades. Children use the word processing with spell check and have played a few games. For six months we were on Internet (AOL) with second (US West) phone line. I didn't feel that use justified the expense!
110--In the communication department, it is critical students understand and can use the latest in tech. The department would benefit just from having a T.V. set to watch breaking news stories. To have access to computers in class where we could write and read the news services would be heaven.
111--The available software of accompaniments of songs and arias for students that follow their tempo, dynamics etc. --and the keyboards on which to play these. It would be super if they could be available for the private voice teachers to teach with and the students to practice with. It would be wonderful for the department to have all of the available music software to facilitate teaching and students learning!
112--We need information on programming for accent marks (foreign words), using e-mail to establish student discussion with those at other institutions. One of my colleagues in the department (Foreign Languages) is very knowledgeable about computers but I hesitate to ask him since he might perceive my lack of expertise with computers as a "female" trait. I would appreciate assistance from a "neutral" sort of person, with whom I don't work on a daily basis.
113--Van Tinkham could be contacted as he uses technology in design projects and classes.
119--WWW on line course CAI development.
121--Free up our work load so we have time to learn how to use these items to free up our time.
124--Help for faculty to get "up and running" may require released time for faculty and mentors. Less hostile attitude by university regarding intellectual properly rights.
128--1) Make state-of-art computer available to faculty, 2) increase the level of maintenance support for the faculty.
203--Get rid of the dinosaurs and hire new professors who really want to teach students using information technology!!
Require that all professors become proficient in certain aspects of information technology and use it at least 25% of the time in their instruction.
204--We hope acquire equipment that will expose our students to essential new technologies, e.g., DNA analysis software, culture identification software, microplate readers and computer equipment to analyze results, graphing software that interfaces with equipment, digital photography and video equipment for microscopes, and the latest computer equipment for lecture classrooms and labs.
206--Staying current is the major problem. The faculty are willing to learn new versions and new software, update courses, and help students. Mostly they are frustrated with the housekeeping chores and the lack of uniformity with equipment and software.
218--Better "people" support for hardware and software problems that arise
219--We need lab assistants who are familiar with the software which is being used in class.
207--lift budget constraints -make portable projection units available for classroom presentation of computer slides -make training available for use of portable units
226--Broaden the definition of information technology beyond the concept of "computers". It is obvious by this survey that ARCC sees computers and software as the issue. Is that the limit of how we are to understand information technolgy? Or is information technology to be thought of as information through technology, including a variety of technology strategies?
223--Updated software and equipment for computerized cartography and geographic data analysis
224--I need to move aggressively into database software at the undergraduate level. That would mean major applications of ACCESS in ACCTNG 375. Other universities in the area are already doing this. I will use Paradox if I have to, but I've tried it before. I've never had more frustrated students work on a project. It's hardly worth the aggravation. I'd like to see Access in the labs.
208--I ususally try to use the vax for e-mail because it is more reliable. there are often problems with the groupwise e-mail when sending messages off-campus. for example, I cannot sent attachment files from groupwise to my vax e-mail account (and thus presumably to other off-campus sites). FTP file transfers from the vax to floppy or other WP files are laborious. going from WP files to the vax doesn't work at all. there must be an easier way.
209--It would be helpful to me if I could get the MLA on-line bibliography from my office.
228--Update the computers in the labs. Update the faculty computers. Need more consistent servicing of the labs and networks to make sure that viruses and other problems are gotten rid of and/or kept under control.
229--Subscription to relevant data set
212--When providing an inservice, offer at times more faculty can attend (early morning 7AM, early evening 4-6 PM).
230--A projector and portable computer would be handy for showing students what is possible for researching papers.
213--color code email by priority
231--Classrooms in the Education building need multimedia in each one. It is difficult to use the media when it is not avaliable or in working order
232--More time and money to improve on what we've got.
214--Personally I would like to spend more time developing teaching programs for the students, but the nature of our major creates a teaching load where we have little time to develop computer programs to teach and test the students.
215--Replace at least half of the current faculty.
216--It's running pretty smoothly
Parker--go paperless on campus as far as all the junk mail we receive from campus
217--A language lab is needed for the ESL Program.
233--more availability of multimedia classrooms--perhaps i would feel more inclined to prepare myself (technologically) if i knew i had more reliable access
234--I am comfortable with the continued use of WordPerfect and QuattroPro on campus. Many students, however, complain that we should have Excel because it is more an industry standard.
235--More state-of-the art hardware for faculty who really do use computer technology in their courses regularly.
236--Better computers, more instruction on how to develop superior courses for Online, have a program where we can put courses Online from home or change existing courses from home. We are usually too busy in the office to devote a block of time for development--we have to do almost everything at home.
237--Variation is the problem. Students vary in their abilities and our rooms vary in their support for using technology during teaching. It is difficult to plan for class when one minute you are teaching in the tech room and at the last minute your class is moved to room without the equipment. I either want to plan for always having the technology or not. We could improve our instruction if we knew the expertise level of our students and where we would be teaching.
238--Upgraded machines and software in student labs. State of the art faculty computers and software. QUALITY presentation equipment in every classroom.
242--I need an upgrade desperately! It is difficult with a large department to keep up with technology­ Yet­if we don't opportunities are lost­
Nursing is seriously undertaking the task of placing the whole curriculum online. The support and technology needs are great but the total # of faculty invoilved has to be limited mostly because a lack of upgraded computers,(communciation and access power)­