Briefly, add any other suggestions you have for improving information
technology for the entire university.

101--Professors and staff should be aware of who has what skills and interests. A list of faculty/staff and specialties. A list of which support staff is in charge of what function.
103--I probably would have some but I am a bit intimidated by computers and feel any suggestions of mine would not be worth while.
105--technical support.
106--It is critical that the systems we purchase received adequate support; things need to work, and systems must be reliable.
107--Finding the ways and means of keeping faculty up to date.
108--Need to provide means for students to evaluate refereed information from all of the biased junk that fills the internet.
109--I believe that WSU is in the main stream of Info-Tech. The difficulty is for those of us near retirement who are indecisive as to whether or not to embrace this technology! Informed people in student learning centers.
112--I would benefit from a 226-long training session where I could also ask questions and receive help; probably some other professors feel the same way.
115--We've come a long way--stay with it. Continued training for all professors on daily kinds of tasks rather than highly specialized (we don't have user's guides available for desk reference).
116--Again--arrange for our professors who live in Salt Lake to have access to the Internet through the University of Utah.
119--Money, keeping the commitment for facility support.
124--See 46.
128--1) Computer software current, 2) develop more computer-based classrooms.
130--Equipment for multi-media presentations in class.
201--think about faculty release time to write course on the internet. look at faculty workload issues when teaching on the internet
202--I am not familiar with the overall needs of the university. I feel that my department is well equipped with hardware, extra software would be nice to have, but is not essential.
203--Hire more people in CATS so that they can service all of us that need to come up to speed in information technology. There aren't enough personnel in CATS to do justice to the size of our campus.
204--The picture class rolls are a great concept, but they don't work well (many photos are omitted). Access by faculty to STAARS has been a big help, so continue improving it. Free or discounted internet access from faculty homes would help a lot. Upgrading all faculty office DOS computers to the latest Windows version and adding sufficient memory and hard drive capacity should be done soon, because most of us cannot now run the latest software on our old computers. Continue your computer support seminars for faculty and classes--they are vital and very effective.
205--In all the questions asking about budget reallocations there should be an additional phrase: "strategic reallocation" - specifically meaning cut weak or non essential programs entirely (i.e., strategic planning) as a source of funds. I am definately not in favor of reallocating funds away from excellent programs that are already strapped and running on empty tanks. And for god's sake, don't take my vote as one supporting accross the board cuts in or reallocations from, say current expense budgets, to support information technology. Reallocation means tough decisions, not easy ones!
206--Some way to notify faculty about what is going on in other departments. More advertising about TLTR and the ideas faculty can gain from attending. In its short existence, I have picked up new ideas at every meeting. Following through with problems--the Davis Center is an example. We don't like working there because of network problems. I have heard complaints from other departments who attempt to use the lab there. We are also having frustrating problems with the online courses in regard to follow through with problems and tracking students using the courses.
219--There are not enough support personel. When you have a problem which affects your ability to perform your job it is frustrating to wait 226s.
207--Offer more sections of training sessions, giving a wider choice of time available options and accomodating more individuals
220--De-mystify ARCC and other techo groups. There is a feeling that many faculty are left out of the loop on this (right or wrong, it exists).
221--Overall, it seems to me that IT is fairly well managed and administered on this campus. It might be worthwhile to have an integration of systems so there is widespread compatibility without giving up autonomy.
223--Improved search mechanisms for professional journal articles (access for students and faculty)
224--Wordperfect is good; but MS is better for all other software in the standard package; need flowcharting software; constant monitoring of student and faculty demands for hours, stations, and software needs. Must anticipate needs rather than respond to problems. All my students have been telling me for years that the MS packages are much better than Corel, for example. We should already know that and have done something about it. A specific example: Corel database package is horrible. MS Access is excellent. All my students know that before they take my course. I tried teaching Corel Paradox--it's hardly worth the trouble- students hate it.
208--get vnews back online.
209--Workshops have not been productive for me when someone works with a screen in a lecture format rather than in a hands-on tutorial approach. At times they know the program very well and go very quickly, but I get lost because I can't take notes or follow the steps on a computer.
211--Assess additional student fees to improve computer access.
212--Have laptops with modems and multimedia laptops available for faculty to check-out for a 5-10 226 period.
230--This seems to have covered my main concerns. Free faculty access to the WS computer system from home would be a great benefit.
232--Time...just more time to learn it all.
216--No ideas
234--Technology enhanced classrooms -- with computer and projection device and Elmo -- would be very nice to have. Increasing reliability of network is a critical need. Very much appreciate the new class rolls w/photos.
235--We're in the "media age" and the university needs to recognize it and commit to it.
236--Gave all my suggestions already.
242--Online looks great!