Please describe other ways in which faculty support for information
technology could be improved at WSU.

101--We need a photo/computer specialist who teaches and advises on purchase of hardware and software.
102--Because of the rapid changes that are taking place in the computer technology field I think we are now in need of a number of full-time trouble-shooters who will be in a position to help faculty when computer glitches occur. The number we have are not enough--they can seldom attend to ones needs within a week--it is usually two or three weeks before problems are corrected.
103--There is long lag before problems with both software and hardware are looked into.
104--We need support personnel to be available in the evenings and afternoons when we are able to get to our offices and are not in the classroom. We also need Mac knowledgeable people to be available. We also need actual people to be at extension 6073 instead of voice mail.
105--Some of your people are very non-helpful.
106--It is critical that computing services provide adequate support. A faculty workstation should be functional as a rule, not as an exception. Unfortunately, this is not the case with my department.
107--You have covered them.
109--Again; I have to decide to use the technology for it to be important to me personally.
112--I would personally like it if I didn't have to have upgrades on my PC. Just when I've got things set up how I want them, someone enters my office without my knowledge or permission and screws everything up.
115--Network problems are so debilitating.
117--Place emphasis on discipline and college specific course ware and course ware development and non centralized facilities.
119--More of CATS and making "virtual university."
121--Have someone answer phone at 6073 computer #, have more than one person answer phone.
124--Development facilities close to faculty.
126--Stop blaming faculty for problems like "overuse" of resources like Group Wise.
128--A regular budgeting line in department budget should be created for computer support, upgrade, etc.
129--More familiarity by faculty.
201--computer programs being developed must be able to fit the teaching styles and methods of the faculty or disciples that will be using the programs. not all of systems will fit or match. must have a more customer service attitude to the faculty and disciple using the technology. it must be functional for the users involved in the process. must meet the needs of the users both faculty and students active in the the process.
203--Let's go on strike until we get the support for information technology that we all deserve.
204--Schedule and publicize a "roundtable" each term for personnel with computer expertise to discuss new hardware and software, trends, and ideally, demonstrate some of the latest opportunities available in order that faculty can be current in this dynamic arena. The several seminars offered at the beginning of Fall term during some recent years have been very valuable and should be increased in their frequency and accessibility. Most faculty feel the need to keep up to date in information technology, yet lack the time to explore all of it on their own.
205--Reduce teaching loads so that faculty actually have time to learn and use the technology effectively - This will be particularly critical when effective teaching loads increase under the semester system (while contact hours may stay about the same, course preps per semester and/or over the year will undoubtedly increase for most faculty).
207--I feel extremely well supported: our department has an IT expert who responds to immediate needs. Perhaps each department could designate an individual who could respond in a similiar way for co-workers
209--Usually the response for help is quite prompt and quite good, occasionally it is difficult for academic computing to get to everyone in a timely manner. Sometimes new applications need more than one visit, and getting support for software is difficult.
211--CATS should offer cross-platform (Windows and MacOs) training and solutions. There are lots of Mac users on campus who feel alienated by the current Windows-only approach. The needs of all faculty and staff should be considered.
212--Each computer in our department was set up differently depending on individual sent to do the work. It would be helpful to have individuals who are experts and who are available to answer questions. The service has been more helpful but I hear many complaints that when called, you always get an answering machine.
214--I see that class evaluations are now on WSU homepage? If this is so, this is great. Hopefully this will improve the teaching skills of the teachers on campus! Hopefully other students planning to take a class or choose a major can look at this valuable information. I feel most students feel that class evaluations are a waste of time an don't do anything. I agree with them.
216--Give faculty at least some release time to learn, inform themselves, so as to better communicate constant information technology innovations to their students .... Allow faculty to count the teaching of an online course as part of their REGULAR load!
224--I can't effectively implement software (like database) without having adequate software availability in the labs AND in my office. I can't require students to use a package that I don't have on my own office computer.
226--The few faculty who want to know about technology make it a point to go to presentations and to seek out additional information. The grow and eventually incorporate their skills in their classroom teaching. Many, however, are comfortable with Word Perfect and GroupWise (in a limited way) and that is all they want to know. They do not see how anything else will improve their teaching or the students learning. They are the ones that need to be stimulated... As long as these faculty are comfortable where they are, more support will not make any difference. I am not worried about those who are already seeking, support is available now. I am concerned about those faculty who have settled into an attitude of apathy concerning technology and teaching and learning. How to help and support them... I'm not sure. What I do know is that you can't help anyone until they want to be helped.
228--There is no time to develop learning modules for multimedia presentations. My computer won't run multimedia software. We don't have an accessible multimedia classroom. Those are some of the problems. I don't know the solutions, given the budget.
231--We really do need to keep the computers in faculty offices updated...some are very old and slow!!
232--reimbursement for faculty attending computer information seminars, workshops, etc.
236--Prompt support and help when having computer problems, hardware and software. Support in the development of Online courses--I'm afraid we are creating a bottleneck by relying on just a few people to help get the courses on, monitoring problems and assisting students. Another concern is that we need to have individuals employed who understand all of the new programs and can modify them for WSU use. I think we need a new department just for instructional technology development, with adequate funding. Computer technology and delivering courses using the www is the future of education--especially higher education--read the journals and articles.
239--more staff and more stations in computer labs on campus
242-- departmental trouble shooting training, rather than just how to use software
rather how computers have been formatted and a trouble shooting checklist would be great