What could WSU do to make working from home easier?

101--Have similar printers, more power on my computer at school. Make some hardware available without personal expense.
102--Allow/pay for access to campus computers and resources from home computers.
104--Provide access to Internet and assistance with our home computers.
107--I already find it easy.
109--I'd have to decide to "bite the bullet" and use info-tech.
111--Ability to print at school from home computer.
115--I use Mac at WSU, IBM at home, Feasible translator system would be most valuable.
116--Make an agreement with University of Utah that professors living in Salt Lake could hook up to the Internet through the U.
117--Some support for Mac.
119--More power etc. money network, computer upgrades etc.
121--Pay for modum and www access.
122--The interface with Groupwise (and the program itself) are slow, weak and inconsistent.
124--Less cost to professor for equipment/better, farther e-mail web access.
126--Provide remote access to network.
128--Make internet available.
129--Provide more options.
130--Connect to internet.
132--Good software support for e-mail system.
133--Group Wise from the Web does not seem particularly well developed. Expand its capabilities. Develop more ways to interface with other campus computer program.
201--I work from home frequently when teaching over the internet. set aside time for internet office hours. access to campus information via home computers.
203--Connect our homes directly to the servers here at WSU without having to use a modem to access antiquated technology.
204--Consider providing home internet service free to faculty, and perhaps even supply some hardware to support this. I live close to campus and just come to my office, but this is very inconvenient for many faculy.
205--Provide a secure (really, really secure!) way to access my office computer - hard drive. I have access to ZIP drives and other portable alternatives, but never have the stuff (files)I really need. Also, take seriously the need to support faculty hardware and software in their home office. In our department and the College of Business and Economics generally, the hardware that gets "home" is what was replaced because it was obsolete for office use. Just as we should update office equipment on a regularly funded rotation of say, 3 years, so too should home equipment be upgraded on a regular basis. Maybe even support reasonable printers, etc. without, as in my case, requiring the faculty member to buy their own.
206--Make arrangements to provide inexpensive online provider for those who use the services for a long distance and who spend a considerable amount of time on line. This will be more of a problem when teaching courses through WSU online.
207--working on site is OK
208--give me a home computer that is compatible with my office computer.
209--If the sevices available on campus computers were available at home, that would help
211--make more info/assistance available about connecting to the www from home.
212--Provide inservice and support to interconnect campus-home. Provide laptops (for check-out) with modum to hook-up when I have to be at out-of-town meetings.It would be better to have several laptops which could be checked out for a week than to expect each faculty member or department with faculty that make professional out-of-town trips to have the computers.
213--Provide access to the web through the university
214--It would be nice if students were up to speed on using Groupwise in order to communicate with the instructors. Provide information on upgrading my computer so I could interface with the WSU homepage completly.
215--I have my WSU-owned computer at home. In their infinite wisdom, the Provost and WSU Online staff decided that my course development money should go for a computer upgrade necessary for me to do my job teaching a WSU Online class. And since I wanted to work from home, I purchased the phone line and internet provider service. In other words, it has cost me money, both out of pocket and loss of instructional subsidy, to teach the WSU Online course. I am afraid that working from home will not get easier--or at least financially friendly--until we quit pretending that somehow we can provide more for less with technology. Let's face it, right now technology is expensive, and if the administrative technophiles want to do more than pay lip service to technology and learning, they will have to pay dollars to those of us responsible for the 226 to 226 education. I am not talking pie in the sky, but rather a decent subsidy for such things as quality internet service and computer upgrades. No more robbing Professor Peter to pay administrator Paul!
216--Be more considerate towards Mac users :-) Making accessing the library easier
218--Provide faculty discount for purchase of upgraded computing hardware, software, and modem; 2) subsidize on-line fees for at-home use of online services for student interaction and development/transmission of courses.
219--My computer at home is not compatible with my computer on campus. That has caused me much grief . I am planning to get a new computer at home then maybe I'll have ideas.
221--Fast and easy access...
222--Provide readily available, dependable access to e-mail and SAS statistical program from home.
224--Better access to university systems
225--More accessibility to networks and through them to the WWW. There just are not enough lines into the campus computer systems.
226--pay me for the extra hours I spend doing technology and course development at home.
227--We are continually upgrading with new systems and it seems that part of the system does not keep up. Therefore, we still need to use some of the old system and the new systems combined.
228--Get a license(s) which allow me to install software obtained through academic computing (i.e., Microsoft/Corel) on my home computer so that I can work on WSU work at home without having to buy the software out of my own pocket.
230--Give me free access to the library system first (through my home modem into the VAX as I was able to do earlier). If Possible, give me a way into my Groupwise and the Web through the same mechanism as above. Such access would encourage my use of the network for classes, even to teaching classes on the network.
231--Give me more time to go home to work. It is quieter there and I have less interuptions.
232--have my work site in the same town as my home to facilitate office hours, etc.

233--link between home and office computers?
239--pay the monthly connection fee
234--Having remote access to Groupwise e-mail is a great help -- could the interface be made a little easier or faster? In particular it would be nice to able to use my Groupwise address groupings from remote access.
235--Make WeberLynx available to all faculty (e.g., via pcANYWHERE). So far, I haven't been able to access STAARS from the WEB and you can do lots more on GroupWise via WeberLynx than you can via WSU's WEB page.
236--Provide Internet connections--an easy way to access our files and to get into the WSU Online courses.
238--Make WWW available at very low cost from home. Allow use of campus software (e.g. Corel and authoring systems) on home machines.
240--furnish computers, modem