If you encounter problems in requiring technology components other than
those listed above, please enter them here.

101--Problems with printers, color output lab is located in buildings other than classroom building. Students must walk across campus to get color prints.
104--Lack of equipment, i.e., computers accessible to studio.
105--Lack of technical support.
120--I feel that computers allow students to circumvent problem with spelling/syntax/grammar and language use.
124--Keeping windows machines on task server downtime.
129--Computer won't accept my password. I get on to the word processor by using the cancel button. I don't worry about it because I'll retire soon and go home to my own computer.
131--Computer services can't figure out how to configure our department lab to make it usable.
201--webtester down.... students had to retake exam twice. server down many times could not get access over the internet.n emails not set up correctly for students. took severalweeks into the course before functioning properly. vidoe conferencing still having much functional difficulty over the internet.
204--It would help if faculty could have access to all of the relevant software on their office computers so that they can become more proficient and use the programs even when the computer labs are closed. An example is Axum for Windows, which is available in the labs but not on the faculty network.
205--Network going down; Student's claim they have difficulty accessing groupwise email from off campus (but I don't buy it, except for the first problem noted herein). Classroom links (modem jacks in walls) to WWW almost invariably don't work in the non-tech classrooms, but WB120 seems to be ok.
206--Lack of sufficient equipment and software to standardize courses. Often must teach two versions and order two sets of books ecause older computers are unable to handle latest version of software.
219--Lack documentation on new software. Loose too much time trying to correct problems when they occur.
225--Lab & network probs have been hampering the students. Many times, the students are reluctant to try new software progs. I usually feel there is so much to teaching the concepts that the students are left to learn the software on their own. That creates a real dilemma for me.
221--This quarter I'm not using technology very much, maybe not at all. Possibly a little e-mail and an internett assignment of some sort, but probably not this time around.
224--Lack of suitable programs in the lab. Lack of suitable equipment and programs in my office.
208--students using the vax for spss, vnews, and for programming (fortran) have no place to print their output adequately. since the computer science lab closed itself off from campus use, there has been no default printer that my students can use. printing spss output on the printers in student labs is sometimes a very laborious and clumsy process.
not enough Macintoshes available
228--The computer labs do not have CD ROM drives. Lack of updated software. Out of date hardware.
230--student reluctance to try something they are unfamiliar with.
213--It's hard to prepare the problems in the amount of time I have.
215--The easy availablilty of technology and assistance in using it remains an unrealized goal for students, though things have obviously improved in the last two years. Technical support generally, remains an resolved problem. Computer Support is either woefully understaffed or entirely aloof, but in either case almost useless as a quick response option to troubleshooting questions or hardware installation problems. I have languished in technology purgatory (otherwise known as voice mail) with straightforward e-mail questions. Or, I may want to know how do I get help installing a Zip drive, for example, before it becomes obsolete? We still need a centralized menu of services/personnel/numbers that relates to 226 to 226 campus technology needs, i.e. who should I call to get help with various computer-related problems? Bewildering.
239--avilability of computers in labs
237--Within a given class there is a wide range of technology expertise. Getting some students to same point as the others is very time consuming and frustrating.
242--Long setup time for multiple lab computers