What are the most important computer applications within your discipline
with which students should become proficient?

101--Adobe Photoshop .
102--Computer searches to retrieve information for research.
103--Word-processing, graphics.
104--Notation and "life forms"--choreography.
105--Word processing stat.
106--Mathematica (or a computer algebra system), C++.
107--www, word processing, educational software.
108--Self appraisal and assessments.
109--graphing and difficult calc. (fortran).
110--Word processing, graphics.
111--Musical programs--composing, arranging and printing music.
112--Word processing; perhaps accessing information on literary criticism or work of writers.
114--Word processing, spread sheets, statistic packages, computer cartography, and geographic information systems (GIS).
115--Word processing, Graphics, Internet Searches and e-mail.
117--Data entry.
118--Proficient in using PC.
119--Word processing.
120--Music Writing/MIDI Software.
122--Word processing/www/e-mail.
124--Statistics/database testing, eg web tester.
125--1) Word processing, 2) graphics, 3) www-net search, 4) statistics.
126--Bibliographic Databases, www.
127--Subject-specific software.
128--Retrieval of information on the web, research, network, chatroom and multi media skills.
130--NCSS and SPSS
131--A CAS like Mathematica or Maple.
132--Data base, graphics, applications of numerical models.
133--Word processing and information gathering--CD Rom--web.
201--must be able to internet, webtester, surf the net for other information. video conferencing
203--E-mail, word processing, HTML, PowerPoint, WWW, List Servs.
204--Word Processing Scientific graphing software Spreadsheet Computer database searches of library resources We need:digital cameras for photomicrography and photomacrography, but do not yet have the equipment to teach this.
205--Statistics Packages, Word Processing, WWW as a research tool, Graphing packages
206--word processing, spreadsheets, database, windows, Novell networking, desktop publishing, graphics, webtester
207--consumer information research -home finance management -course subject matter research -creation of resumes -electronic testing -e-mail -statistical evaluations
208--vnews/usenet (international BBS sites). international web sites statistics (spss on the vax -- which is getting rather clumsy -- I would like very much to have spss on the groupwise or campus pc network). minitab has been too difficult to figure out with the available tutorial. graphics/mapping packages (of which there are not very many on the campus net). adobe photoshop has been most useful in recent months. I have frequently used e-mail for students to turn in their written and computational assignments, as well as to answer their questions.
209--searching bibliographies finding information on the web wordprocessing
210--E-Mail, WEB, power point presentation skills, word processing
211--online databases such as medline, www browsers, www search engines, basic word processing
212--WWW, keyboard,
213--statistics, graphing, equation editors, word processing, presentations packages
214--World Wide Web as a reasearch tool
215--web related applications, including browsers, search engines, html, and perhaps various kinds of databases. In addition, but perhaps to a lesser extent, Windows 95 related programs, including graphics packages and the related hardware, including the scanning of digital images, creations of audio and video files, etc., for multimedia presentations.
216--wordprocessing and discriminating use of the Internet
Parker--computer testing, www access, email, data entry
217--WWW Research, E-mail, Word Processing
218--Computer-assisted instructional packages with clinical ["real world"] simulation s220rios, utilizing branching logic and decision-making
219--Logowriter, Spreadsheets, Mathematica, Geometry Sketchpad
220 --I require my pre-service elementary students to use various literacy-based application for tutorials and tool uses.
221--Search and research skills on the internet. Ability to discriminate web information. Virtual learning community formation and participation.
222--Word processing, Spreadsheet, Databases
223--library research applications, cartographic applications, statistical applications, wordprocessing
224--word processing, spreadsheets, database, flowcharting
225--Spreadsheets, Statistics package,Quantitative decision making packages, Word processing
226--Word Processing, Internet WWW, E-mail, Data Base
227--Word Processing, graphics, presentations
228--C++, Word processing, spreadsheets, graphics pkg, MATLAB, PSPICE
229--word processing, statistical and database research
230--word processing, email, world wide web, library access
231--Wordprocessing, statistical package, spreed sheets
232--doing research, writing papers, job search, review for tests,latest research on any health care topics
233--research and word processing, possibly presentation aids
234--spreadsheets, wordprocessing, presentation and graphics statistics and other quantitative problem-solving
235--word processing, data searches, statistical packages for data analysis
236--Use of the WWW for off-campus students and e-mail, and, of course, word processing.
237--word processing data management
238--Programming, Windows Application Development, WWW access, Presentation Management
240--WWW, wordprocessing, email
241--WordPerfect, internet
242--word processing