If there are other information technology services you use, please list them and the number of hours a week you use them.

102--Digitized slides and computer presentations for class teaching.
104--Notation and "life forms"--choreography
107--When teaching ed. methods courses I use some computer software programs.
115--CATS services very helpful 0-2/week
124--Video editing 5-10 hours a week.
131--use CAS's especially Mathematica, and scientific workplace used a lot.
201--internet video conferencing. 2 hours
203--Teleconferencing: 2 hrs. a week, Usergroups: 1 hr. a week, PowerPoint presentations: 1 hr. a week
204--Scanner with its graphics and OCR software: 2 hrs
Graphics software (PC Paintbrush): 2 hrs
205--Tech prepared classrooms - (e.g., WB120) 4 h/pw, Web home page development - 0-2 hrs/pw
206--Desktop Publishing, 0-2 hours; FRS, 0-2 hours; Webtester, 2-5 hours
207--utilize the skills of others for IT demonstrations to students (library; Mac lab; Writing Lab) each quarter
208--usenet/vnews -- except computing services has shut this down and it hasn't been available to me or my students since about last february or march.
I stongly wish to use this and have my students use this technology. it is more valuable to me and my students than web sites. I used to use it about 10-20 hours a week. this has had more effect on my teaching of international subjects than any other resource in recent years. please, let's get it back online.
209--library services - 0-2 , vax - 0-2
210--I use a program adapted by your office to teach distribution principles in class.
211--digital video hardware/software, about 2 hrs/wk
212--e-mail - 3 listservers 3-5 hours per week
213--I use the internet for class
215--1. Listserv? I subscribe to a professional-scholarly listserv, from which I sometimes draw information for class and/or research. Does that count?
216--If videos and slides count as "information technology", I use them all the time.
217--My students use the CSR lab extensively and the regular computer labs for written assignments