ARCC Faculty Survey 1998

100 individuals were selected randomly from the Provost's list of WSU faculty. Individuals who were on leave, or who are in outreach programs and are not in residence in Ogden, were removed from the sample and were replaced. Sampled individuals were asked to complete the survey through the World Wide Web, or on paper if they preferred. The survey was conducted between January 8 and February 5, 1998. 76 individuals completed the survey, 40 on the Web and 36 on paper.

Except where otherwise noted results are shown as percent of respondents. All percentages are computed with 76 respondents. Row totals which do sum to 100% occur when not respondents answered a question. Averages were computed by multiplying the midpoint of range, and the minimum of open-ended ranges, by the number of respondents. Like questions have been grouped in tables to facilitate comparison.

Survey Results

Essay Response Questions