Graduate Schol Prep

Graduate study involves intensive, specialized coursework and independent research activities. Success in graduate school usually requires the following skills:

  1. the ability to read critically and write effectively
  2. the ability to summarize and focus a broad range of ideas
  3. a sound basic training in the discipline.

If you are preparing for graduate work in zoology, you should seek broad training in the life sciences including coursework in microbiology and botany.  Depending on your field of interest, substantial coursework in the physical, earth and mathematical sciences may be recommended. 

All students planning to enter graduate school are encouraged to complete one course in statistics and to choose the calculus mathematics option. Additionally, since most graduate programs require a research thesis, you are strongly encouraged to participate in the research problems and senior thesis courses. 

The application process for graduate school begins early in the senior year. You must take the GRE for graduate school admission.  For more information contact:

Dr. Ron A. Meyers
Graduate School Advisor