Do you know a WOW?

A WOW is a woman who inspires others by her actions, but goes unnoticed. An award will be given in each category to a faculty, staff, and student.

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Woman of Weber

She provides selfless service on campus or in the community to make the lives of others more meaningful.

Woman of the World

She shares her life and her culture in a way that brings awareness to others about the beauty of our world.

Woman of Wellness

She is physically fit and works towards helping those around her to value the importance of health and wellness.

Woman of Worth

A woman who advocates and mentors others through her example of providing equality and fairness in her profession, education and personal endeavors.

Woman of Warmth

A woman who demonstrates compassion, sincerity, empathy and caring for others in a way that empowers and supports the dreams of other individuals.

Woman of Wonder

She has or is working to overcome challenges and does so in a way that inspires and uplifts those around her.

Woman of Wisdom

She not only works hard and strives for intellectual pursuits, but she uses her knowledge to help others achieve their greatest ambitions.

Warrior of Women

A woman who supports her country through activism and outreach to the U.S. military. This woman is serving our country by supporting a spouse in the military, assisting with programs for the troops or is actively engaged with those who have served their country

Woman of Wit

She is funny, compassionate, and has a wonderful sense of humor. She knows how to bring joy to every situation.

Nominations Due:
Jan. 20, 2014

Nominate a WOW woman

Winners will be announced here in February. They will also be invited to a special luncheon to receive their award.