Please note that this schedule is subject to change.  Syllabi will be posted as they become available.

Spring 2014

Core Courses

WS 1500: Introduction to Women’s Studies                   

WS 4060: Research Project 

WS 4860: Internship in Women & Gender Studies

WS 4990: Senior Seminar

Cross/Co-Listed Courses 

ENGL HU/DV 2710: Perspective’s on Women’s Literature

GERT DV 3320: Ethnicity and Older Women in the American Society

HIST DV 3070: Women in American History: 1600 to Present

HNRS 3900 Tracing the Inteconnection between Animals, Humans, and Objects

PSY DV2370: Psychology of Women and Gender 



WS 2900: Topics in Women’s Studies - Mozambique: Place, Gender, and Dance

WS 3050:  DV Feminist Theories 1700-Present

WS 4830: Directed Readings


WS 1500 MWF, Electra Feilding

Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah 84408

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