Please note that this schedule is subject to change.  Syllabi will be posted as they become available.



Fall 2014


Core Courses

WS 1500: Introduction to Women’s Studies                   

WS 4060: Research Project 

WS 4860: Internship in Women & Gender Studies

WS 4990: Senior Seminar


Cross/Co-Listed Courses 

ENGL HU/DV 2900: Perspective’s on Women’s Literature

ENGL 4900:  Chicana Literature

ENGL 4900:  Indian Women's Wtiters

CJ 4900:  Women In Criminal Justice



WS 4050: Research Methodologies

WS 4830: Directed Readings


WS 1500 TR. Priti Kumar
WS 1500 TR. Priti Kumar
WS 1500 Th, Dr. Donna Hunter
WS 1500 Online, Dr. Adrienne Andrews