Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Wildcat Mail?
New Wildcat Mail is a major upgrade to Weber State University's student email services. Now backed by Google's Gmail and Google Docs, the New Wildcat Mail system offers tons of storage, calendars, collaboration tools, a chat feature, and easy access by personal computer, phone, or tablet computer. New Wildcat Mail has the same easy interface as Gmail.

Why is WSU’s student email changing?
Read the announcement for a history of the issue and reasons for choosing a hosted email solution.

Is New Wildcat Mail the same as a Google account?
New Wildcat Mail is not the same as personal Gmail services. New Wildcat Mail accepts a Wildcat user name and password. Students will receive official University communications through New Wildcat Mail. Collaboration tools like Chat and document sharing are built right into the New Wildcat Mail interface.

How do I switch to New Wildcat Mail and Google Apps?
Student accounts will be automatically created and available beginning June 26, 2011. From the eWeber portal a student clicks the Wildcat Mail icon to be directed to the new service. A Terms of Use agreement is required prior to accessing the services.

Will my email address change?
Student email addresses will not change. All student email addresses will continue to end in “”.

How do I log in to New Wildcat Mail?
The easiest way to access your account is to log into the eWeber portal and click the Wildcat Mail icon. You can also go directly to You will enter your Wildcat user name and password when logging-in directly.

Why Google?
Student surveys and polls revealed a preference for Google's services over other providers'. Google also integrates with WSU's new learning management system, Canvas.

Who is eligible to participate in Wildcat Mail service?
New Wildcat Mail is a free service for Weber State University students and alumni. Any user with a “” address will be automatically enrolled in New Wildcat Mail. WSU staff and faculty addresses ( are not affected.

What services are included with New Wildcat Mail and Google Apps?
Weber State University provides students Mail, Calendar, Docs, Talk (Chat) and Sites.

How much mail storage space do I have?
Each account has approximately 7GB of storage space.

Where is my email stored?
Information in Wildcat Mail is hosted by Google on secure servers.

What is the maximum size for an attachment?
Gmail allows attachments of up to 20 MB. See this Gmail Help Center article for more information about allowed file types.

Will I see advertisements in my Wildcat Mail account?
Wildcat Mail will not display advertisements to students.

How Do I Access Other Google-sponsored Services (i.e.,
A personal Google account is required for Google services outside of Wildcat Mail. To sign up for a personal Google account go to New Accounts.