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Susan Kelley DeWitt, Poet

Susan Kelly-DeWitt is the author of THE FORTUNATE ISLANDS (Marick Press, 2008). Earlier collections include A CAMELLIA FOR JUDY (Frith Press, 1998), FEATHER’S HAND (Swan Scythe Press, 2000), TO A SMALL MOTH (Poet’s Corner Press, 2001), Susan Kelly-DeWitt’s GREATEST HITS (Pudding House, 2003), THE LAND (Rattlesnake Press, 2005), THE BOOK OF INSECTS (Spruce Street Press, 2003) and CASSIOPEIA ABOVE THE BANYAN TREE (Rattlesnake Press, 2007) and an illustrated short story THE AUDIENCE (Uptown Books, 2007). Her work appears in the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Weber.


Sampsonia Way magazine,

Sampsonia Way is an online magazine sponsored by City of Asylum/Pittsburgh celebrating literary free expression and supporting persecuted poets and novelists worldwide.





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