Olene S. Walker


Born and raised in Ogden, Utah, Olene S. Walker is respected for her selfless public service on behalf of Utah’s citizens. She has served the state of Utah for 22 years in various capacities including Director of Community Development, state representative as majority whip, and as both Lieutenant Governor and Governor, the first woman in Utah to hold either office. While in office, she pledged to keep education the highest funding priority and to provide a nurturing environment for Utah’s students.

As a Weber College alumna, Governor Walker will be actively involved in establishing the Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics and Public Service at Weber State University. The Institute will have a visible presence on campus and become a vibrant hub of political engagement in Utah.

The Walker Institute will provide programs to develop student leadership opportunities and promote interest in public service. It is our vision to bring a better understanding of the political process to the community and assist in training future leaders to become involved in public service.

Governor Walker recently wrote an editorial on Count My Vote for the Park Record. Read it here.