Montgomery Selected Reserve and Reserve Educational Assistance Program (Chapters 1606 & 1607)

How to apply for benefits and register at Weber State University:

Step 1

Apply for your Montgomery Selected Reserve (chapter 1606) or Reserve Educational Assistance Program (chapter 1607) benefits by filling out an application, and send it to the Veterans Affairs Administration.  This can be accomplished in three ways:

  1. Complete the application online.  Once you have received your certificate of eligibility from the VA, bring it into our office so that we can begin the certification process.
  2. Print the application and bring it to our office.
  3. Pick up the application at our office during normal business hours.

Step 2

Apply for admission to Weber State University.

Step 3

Provide our office with a copy of your Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE).  This document should be provided to you by the education officer at your National Guard/Reserve unit. 

In addition to your NOBE, if you have a Kicker Contract, this will also need to be provided to our office.

Step 4

Supply our office with a copy of your class schedule.  This will need to be done each and every semester that you want to use your educational benefits.