EAST Rookie Team Grant

WSU's College of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology (EAST) has been fortunate to be awarded funds through the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education grant to help support FTC in Utah.  Using these funds,  EAST will award the following rookie team grants this season:

Rookie Team Kit Sponsorship:  $1200 for five rookie teams this season.  This grant is only awarded in the form of a robot kit purchase to be delivered to a school or other non-profit address.  Items may be purchased in October.

Successful applicants must commit to participate in one or more community and/or school events that showcase FIRST Tech Challenge. 

If you have questions, please contact Dana Dellinger, danadellinger@weber.edu

Team Information


Team Name:
Team Number (if any):

Coach Information


First Name:
Last Name:
Cell Phone:

Please answer these questions (essay or bullet points): 

1.  What type of team is this (school, nieghborhood, organization, homeschool, etc.)?

2.  If you are a school team, what school & district are you a part of?

3.  What is your plan to ensure you have an active, involved team this season? 

4. Will you recieve funding from other sources for this season?  If so, from what sources and how much?

5. Will your team commit to participating in one or more outreach events to promote FTC (and by doing so, STEM in Utah) in your community or state?  If so, what are you considering at this time? Some possibilities might be: the Northern Utah STEM Expo, the Utah STEM Expo, local or county fairs or markets, school open house nights, SheTECH, Craft Lake City, Hill AFB Air Show, FLL Events, FRC Regional Championship, etc.