What is a typical FTC season timeline?

Officially, the FTC season starts in May, when registration opens, and concludes in April with the FTC World Championship. The following information includes some benchmarks, at different times of the season, to help you plan along the way.

Pre-Season (May - September)

Pre-season starts when the game is announced. If you are a rookie team, the pre-season begins with your registration, via TIMS. During the pre-season teams should:

  • Attend an FTC tournament (if possible)

  • Plan a budget

  • Use marketing tools

  • Recruit team members

  • Apply for grants (ie. Rockwell Collins Grant)

  • Register your team

  • Order Kit of Parts

  • Attend workshops and demo (Listing of events)

Kick-Off (September)

Kick-Off is the date when the challenge is announced!  The new seasons playing field is revealed and it is also a great opportunity to meet with other teams, ask questions and learn more about the competition.  

Kick Off, Utah! is September 6, 20149:30-11:30 a.m. at the DaVinci Academy of Science & Arts, 2033 Grant Ave, Ogden, UT 84401.

Build & Scrimmage Season (October - January)

DaVinci Scrimmage & Build Day - 24 January @ DaVinci Academy, Ogden, UT

Team Check-In 8-9:30 a.m.
Scrimmage Play  10-2:30 p.m.   *We will have two fields in action,  just like at the state championship this year.
All teams welcome to scrimmage & build. 
Register for the scrimmage (free) with Deb Neal   deb.neal@davinciacademy.org
Snacks & food will be for sale.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to try your robot out on the Cascade Effect field, ask questions and work together to build, tweak and improve. Only a month to state!

Park City FTC Scrimmage & Build Day - 6 December @ Park City High School
Team check-in 7:30-9 a.m.
Scrimmage Play 10-2 p.m.
PTC Creo Clinic   2:30-3:30

All teams welcome to build, register for scrimmage with sprucka@prucka.com

Even if your 'bot isn't ready for action quite yet, this is a great opportunity to build, ask questions, see other 'bots in action and how exactly Cascade Effect goes down! 

For more information contact:  Sheri Prucka  sprucka@prucka.com 

Teams should use the time, following Kick-Off, to design, build and program their robot. It’s also a good time for the team to practice. It is important, especially during this time, the team members become familiar with the Game Manual, as well as other resources, such as the Forums. During this time, there are several scrimmages, which are great opportunities for teams to learn and work with other teams.

Tournament Season (November - March)

This time period is the culmination of the season for most teams. Events during this time are other state Qualifier or Championship Tournament Events.

The Utah FTC Championship Tournament will be held on Saturday, February 21, 2015.  Utah FTC does not host Qualifiers at this time. For more details, please visit: UTFTC Tournament Info.

Registration for the Championship for Utah teams will open Nov. 1, 2014, and is first come first served. You will need an authorization code to register, which ensures that Utah Teams get to register first.  Please email Utah FTC at: UTFTC@weber.edu to get your authorization code. Out of state teams may register beginning Jan. 20, 2015Register for UTFTC Championship 

Super Regionals in Northern California (March)

FTC teams in the United States will advance from state or regional-level Championship Tournaments to one of four Super-Regional Tournaments, before advancing to the FTC World Championship. The introduction of a new advancement tier allows FTC to maintain a sustainable event structure, continue offering merit-based advancement and increase the level of competition. Three teams advancing from the Utah Championship will attend the West Super-Regional hosted in Northern California. Super-Regionals are FIRST-endorsed events and are expected to expand outside of the U.S. in the future.  For more details, please visit FIRST Super-Regionals.

World Championship Event in St. Louis, MO (April)

This event is a celebration and a culmination to the FTC program. It is the pinnacle of the FTC Season. Teams must receive an official invitation to attend.Post-Season: The post-season is very similar and overlaps the pre-season. During the post-season, teams are encouraged to thank the sponsors, review lessons learned, and begin prepping for the new season.

The 2014-2015 FTC World Championship will be held April 2015 at the Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, Mo.