10 Things You Want to Know about Union Programs & the Union Art Gallery

  1. Wildcat Block Party is a yearly tradition sponsored by Union Programs. The event takes place the first Friday of fall semester through the center of campus and is an opportunity for University students to connect to departments, programs, and services offered at Weber State and the larger Weber/Davis communities. Other than an Athletic event, the Wildcat Block Party attracts the single largest student turnout during the school year; the most recent Block Party reported more than 9,000 student interactions.
    • The President's Purple Pancake Breakfast is another tradition held each fall during the Wildcat Block Party. Sponsored by the Vice-President of Student Affairs, the President's Purple Pancake Breakfast is an opportunity for the Students of WSU to meet the University Administration.
  2. Lessons in Leadership is an eight week leadership seminar that is housed within Union Programs. This leadership seminar is a collaborative effort through various special constituencies at the University for students to develop and gain useful leadership competencies. The seminar is taught both fall and spring semester and is free of charge to any interested WSU student. Two of the primary concepts that students leave the seminar understanding are that 1) you don't have to have a title to be a leader and 2) find something you are passionate about at the university to get involved in. Students who complete the seminar participate in a recognition ceremony and have the opportunity to join the Circle of Leadership Excellence.
  3. Make sure you take an opportunity to check out the Shepherd Union Art Gallery. The Gallery is open during regular business hours and sponsors an Artist Reception for each show that is free and open to the public. Shows generally run three to eight weeks and have included displays about art and music, art and transportation, landscapes, class projects, and photography.
  4. Putting Student Through (PST) is a bi-yearly tradition co-sponsored by Union Programs and the Vice-President of Student Affairs. Graduating seniors may choose to honor those people who have helped them achieve their goal of a college degree by honoring them with a PST degree. The PST ceremony takes place either before or after the regular Commencement services during fall and spring semester.
  5. The Circle of Leadership Excellence is an organization that was created for those students who have completed the Lessons in Leadership Seminar and are tracked for their continued involvement in leadership activities while at WSU. The organization continues to foster the relationships that were gained in the Lessons programs, gives students opportunities to continue to gain leadership competencies, and fosters lifelong learning in regards to leadership.
  6. Celebrating the Union is the Shepherd Union's yearly birthday party that takes place during fall semester. This is an opportunity for students to get to know the departments and services that call the Shepherd Union home.
  7. Are you an artist or do you know any artists who would like to have a show in the Shepherd Union Art Gallery? Artists who are interested in being considered for a show in the Union Gallery can contact the Gallery Director at 626-7850 for an application.
  8. Need money for School????? Tuition Waivers maybe available to students who are interested in learning to run an Art Gallery or those students wanting to work in the Lessons in Leadership program. Applications are usually available in late March. Please contact the Coordinator for Union Programs at 626-7850 with questions or for an application.
  9. Need an Internship to Graduate????? If you have any interest in learning or doing event planning and management, leadership, art galleries/art programming, or creating trainings/conferences then let's create an internship for you. Past interns have received their internship credit by Co-Chairing the Wildcat Block Party, worked as a Student Director in the Lesson in Leadership program, and worked on and done Ed. Sessions for student conferences.
  10. Programming & Co-Sponsorship. Even Professionals get low on ideas sometimes, so if you have an idea of something you would like to see in the Union, send it my way at nnicholas@weber.edu. I am also open to discussing Co-Sponsoring events in the Union Building!

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