Frequently Asked Questions

What is Weber State TV (IPTV)?

IPTV is the new campus solution for internet TV. The primary users of Weber State TV are residents of on-campus housing. However, anyone on campus is welcome to use the service.

Will the Comcast Service End Immediately?

In University Housing, the Comcast service was discontinued in August 2011. In the academic and administrative buildings on campus, both services will continue for the immediate future. All new requests for TV programming will be filled by an IPTV solution.

Can I Access Weber State TV on the Wireless Network?

Weber State TV is only officially supported on a wired connection. We are doing a one year trial to see the impact and feasibility of delivering the service over the WSU Secure wireless network.

Where is Weber State TV Available?

Weber State TV is avilable on the WSU Ogden and Davis campuses. No service to other centers is planned due to network limitations.

Is Weber State TV Available Off-Campus?

The licensing agreement for the IPTV service prohibits use outside of campus.

Can I Use Weber State TV for the Lobby Television in My Area?

Yes. The Weber State TV service is available for use with traditional televisions through the use of a converter box. Contact the Weber State TV administrators for information on obtaining a converter box.

I'll be moving onto campus, what do I need to watch TV in my dorm room?

All you need is a compatible Windows or Mac computer. If you would like to output the video to a television, Wildcat Tech inside the campus bookstore has a wide variety of cables and adapters to connect your computer to your TV. Stop in or give them a call at (801)626-6352.

I have a software firewall, what ports do I need to allow?

You will need to allow multicast traffic on UDP port 4900 from the subnet and UDP port 4901 from the subnet, the multicast addresses used will be from the subnet. You will also need to allow outbound unicast traffic from UDP port 4902. if you require assistance in configuring these settings, please contact the IT Service Desk at 801-626-7777.