Table Rental Policy Agreement

In an effort to promote campus life, Weber State University provides vending opportunities for merchants, community programs, and other items, services or programs of interest to the university community. Specifically, Vendors are defined as individuals, companies, or groups that sell items or services or provide promotional or informational materials at a provided location on the Weber State campus.

Locations provided

Weber State identifies primary areas on campus for vendors:

  • Outdoor Space at and surrounding areas of the Belltower Plaza
  • The Shepherd Union Atrium and adjacent outdoor areas 
  • Other areas on campus may be utilized for special events or at the request of vendors with the permission of Weber State

Services provided by Weber State

  • One 8 foot table and 2 folding chairs
  • Access to loading dock if needed
  • Parking is available at Visitors Parking or by purchasing a day permit. Vendor is responsible fir their own parking fees.
  • Electrical power may be available at some locations but cannot be guaranteed

Conditions for Vendors to comply   

  • Weber State reserves the right to have “blackout” dates for vending on campus.
  • Vendors must reserve space through the SEC office or online before the day of sale and pay in advance
  • Vendors must check in at the Shepherd Union SEC office prior to commencing sales to find location and resolve any other issues
  • Hours are 8am to 4pm
  • Vendors may not enter into contractual agreements on the University campus with customers/students
  • Vendors cannot disturb the flow of foot traffic in the Union or campus pathways
  • Vendors cannot actively solicit, use aggressive sales tactics or harass individuals
  • Vendors may reserve locations on campus up to ten (10) times per semester
  • Any gifts offered must be free and not conditional in any way
  • Table signage cannot extend beyond the length of the table.  Signage may be draped or positioned on the table itself. Signage cannot be attached to walls, windows, or railings.
  • Organized booths or display units may be placed behind or in place of a table and chairs
  •  Audio/visual systems must be set at acceptable (by Weber State) levels and volumes
  • Vendors are responsible for set up, security of their products, and dismantling of their location (except  table/chairs)

Fronting or Co-Sponsorship

Fronting is prohibited.

Fronting is when a non-university individual or organization uses University space/facilities and services under the guise that the activity is a University-sponsored program.

Merchandise Exceptions and Samples

Weber State has a vested interest in the success of businesses located on campus and has related contracts for food services, beverages, and other items.

In support of this Vendors may:


  • Food may be offered in pre-packages (ingredients listed), sample size portions. Samples must be free of charge. 
  • Vendors cannot provide items that are provided for sale in the Union by Sodexo or Hogi Yogi unless they are purchased through those on campus businesses.
  • Vendors may provide beverages at sample size. Beverages must be a Coke product.
  • Larger sized food portions require the completion of a Food Exemption Form.


  • In the event the vendor is offering products for sale, a Merchandise Exception Form must  be completed    before the day of sale which includes signatures from the Bookstore Director and the Union Executive Director. Vendor is responsible for ensuring merchandise sales adhere to local tax codes.     

Administering Authority

The Director of the Shepherd Union is the Administering Authority for the Vendor program at Weber State University. Scheduling, Events and Conferences is charged with the day to day coordination and oversight of the vendor program.


  • Weber State reserves the opportunity to modify, update, or change the Vendor program at any time.
  • Weber State reserves the right to relocate a table at any time. 
  • The Vendor Policy does not extend to scheduled events at Weber State that can take place throughout the  year. Examples may include athletic events, concerts, conferences, or campus wide programs. At such events the Department Head or delegated authority shall oversee vending issues.

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