Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Committee


The Committee on Teaching, Learning, and Assessment endeavors to enhance the learning environment at Weber State University. When the opportunity and need arise, and as charged by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, the Committee studies, evaluates, and makes recommendations on issues affecting the teaching environment and the assessment of student learning at Weber State University. It also advises the Chair of the Committee in his or her capacity, as the Director of the Teaching and Learning Forum, and supports the faculty development activities of the Teaching and Learning Forum.

2013-2014 TLA Committee:  
  • Jordan Hamson-Utley,  TLA CHAIR
  • Nicole Beatty, Library
  • Dan Bedford, S&BS
  • Anne Bialowas, A&H
  • Tim Border, COAST
  • Chloe Cai, S
  • Becky Jo Gesteland, A&H
  • Vincent Bates, ED
  • Leah Murray, S&BS
  • Janet Oja, HP
  • Eric Amsel, Liaison
  • Travis Price, HP
  • Pamela Payne, ED
  • Jack Rasmussen, Administration
  • Jeremy Suiter, B&E

Minutes and Reports

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