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According to a survey conducted by the Energy & Sustainability Office in the Spring of 2011:

  • 73% of students and 80% of faculty & staff commute to the Ogden campus via a single-occupancy vehicle
  • 88% of students and 91% of faculty & staff commute to the Davis Campus in a single-occupancy vehicle (Click here for the WSU Commuter Survey Report).

Commuting represents the highest source of GHG emissions for WSU!

  • Student commuting = 29,538 metric tonnes of CO
  • Staff and faculty commuting = 5,356 metric tonnes of CO2 
  • Total WSU carbon footprint = 34,894 metric tonnes CO2 emitted in 2012 from commuting

By way of comparison, electricity consumption for the entire University resulted in 16,161 metric tonnes of CO2 being emitted last year. Natural gas consumed by WSU generated 9,555 metric tonnes of CO2 last year. 


Help WSU reduce its commuting carbon footprint:

Use your discounted Ed Pass


  All full-time students, faculty, and staff are eligible to receive a discounted $20 Ed Pass from WSU. The Ed Pass provides transportation on all UTA buses, Frontrunner, and TRAX. For more information go to

Ride your bike 


Check out WSU's Bike Plan to find designated bike paths and bike racks on campus. Please also take note of the areas where bikers are required to dismount and walk on campus. 


Find a carpool buddy

Calculate how much money you can save using's carpool calculator.

Purchase a Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Check out EPA's Green Vehicle Guide HERE. Save some significant money on gas and reduce your emissions!

For more alternative transit options check out

Download an app to track URA trains and buses


WSU is an idle-free zone. An unattended vehicle left idling is a clear violation of this policy and may be subject to university sanctions.


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