Students in Motion


The Students in Motion program helps sedentary students at Weber State University make positive changes in their health. Our goal is to help educate, support and empower students in designing a life-long plan for enhancing both physical and psychological well-being.

The program is similar to the Women in Motion program created by Julie Hansen, M.S., R.D., C.D. Both programs are low cost* group training programs. Participants meet once a week for 17 weeks for education, training and walking at Weber State University. At the end of the 17 weeks, the group will compete in the Ogden Half Marathon.

For more information about the program, please contact or call 801-626-7524.


Ogden Marathon Photos

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What Students in Motion Can Do For You?


  • Improve Health
  • Provide Basic Nutrition Education
  • Increase Enthusiasm for Physical Activity
  • Create Personalized Exercise Plans
  • Help you walk farther than you ever thought you could!
  • Teach Stress Management
  • Provide Group Support
  • Assist in Establishing Healthy Behaviors and Habits

What Are Students Saying?

The Students in Motion program allows students to see how essential health is to one's wellbeing. Because of the things I learned during the four months, I was able to realize how important my health really is. I thought I was just joining a group that would provide me with companions to walk with and then I would get to participate in a half marathon at the end, but it was so much more. I did get the companions to walk with but I also was taught week by week that I (me!) could enable myself to achieve more than I set forth to do. Motion doesn't just mean walking; it means putting your life in motion, starting with your wellness. It teaches that taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically leads to a more fulfilling life. And not only does it teach these principles, but the program provides you with the tools to do so and ample opportunities to practice using those tools so that they remain in your life. I will be forever grateful to SIM for showing me how much I love exercise, how easy it can be, and how much I want it to be a foundational part of my life.  -- Sarah French


How Can I Get Involved?

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For information or registration:

Cost of Program: $45.00

What the fee gets you:

  • Entrance into the Ogden Half Marathon (normally $80.00)
  • Awesome T-Shirt
  • 17 weeks of group instruction and exercise training
  • Education on Healthy Behaviors (Nutrition, Exercise, and Mental Well-Being)