Weber Wellcats

To keep track and receive prizes for working on your wellness students have two options:


Option 1- Pick up a card in the wellness center (Wildcat Center 210). Fill out what the activity was and the date. Once you have 10 activities bring it back to the wellness center to claim your prize. *** remember to include a way to contact you, your email or phone number. 


Option 2- If you prefer a paperless tracking system, follow the following steps.

1) Log on to your student email.

2) Click on "Drive" from the menu options.

3) Click the red "New" button and choose "Google docs" or "Google sheets" from the drop down menu.

4) Click "Untitled Document" on the upper left corner and rename it "First Name Last Name" (i.e. Sally Smith)

5) Click on the blue "Share" button on the upper right hand.

6) When the box appears type

7) Click the green "Share and Save" button and then "Done"

8) You can then enter the activities and date on the document like you would in word. Student wellness will see when you have 10 and contact you to claim your prize!