Meet Your Legislative Branch

Established in 1915, Student Senate represents the Students' Association within the University governance structure. Among its many responsibilities, Senate initiates action on student concerns, serves as the voice of students on University committees, provides student scholarships, and is responsible for the appropriation of funds to student organizations.

Student Senate meets weekly (during the Fall and Spring semesters) on Mondays at 2 p.m. in the Union. Meetings are open to the public and students are encouraged to attend and voice their opinions and concerns. Student Body Officers and Senators maintain regular office hours to ensure accessibility to students.

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Academic Senators

Jared Smith

Senator for the College of Applied Science & Technology

Ashlee Cawley

Senator for the College of Arts &s Humanities


Kurt Kunzler

Senator for the College of Business & Economics

Carson Smith

Senator for the College of Education


Kami May

Senator for the College of Health Professions

Chelsea Bybee

Senator for the College of Science


Valeria Torena

Senator for the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Clarence “Boomer” Kelley

Senator for WSU Honors & BIS


Special Constituency Senators

Maria Georgiou

Graduate Student Senator

Sammuel Hobbs

Traditional Student Senator


Sandi K. Weber

Non-Traditional Student Senator

Anastasia Austin

Residence Halls Senator


Alexis Marquez

Davis Campus Senator

Cash Knight

Athletics Senator


Melissa Reese

Students with Disabilities Senator

Hasan Nezam

International Student Senator


Kyle Poppitz

Veteran Student Senator

Jennifer Wyllie

African American Senator


Evan Chief

American Indian Senator

Juhi Dubal

Asian Students Senator


Andrea Salcedo

Hispanic Students Senator

Jared Shaw

Pacific Islander Senator


Michelle Diez

Senate Secretary