Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register?
    Generally, your supervisor will recommend that you attend. You will receive an email inviting you to apply and register online through the Student Affairs Academy website.
  2. Who should attend the Student Affairs Academy?
    This program will be especially helpful to those staff members who do not have a formal education in student affairs administration or a related program.
  3. What will I learn?
    Core topics generally include:
    • legal issues associated with student affairs
    • history of student affairs
    • student development theory and intentionality of programming
    • academic integration
    • current issues in student affairs
    • assessment
    • and more
  4. Do I need to attend all scheduled days?
    Yes, the Academy is designed to be an intensive overview and so attendance for the entire academy is required. You need to coordinate with your supervisor to be away from your job during the academy.
  5. How does the student affairs academy relate to my job?
    All training options include opportunities for you to discover ways to apply the concepts into your day to day job. The academy strives to build applicability into each topic so that you will be empowered to make sound judgments that are grounded in the foundations of the profession.
  6. Is there a cost?
    The cost is $75 and includes lunch each day as well as a banquet. Typically your department pays the cost so you will need supervisor approval to attend.

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